our wedding: venues and food

April 06, 2014

Stefan's mom took care of a lot when it came to the food on our wedding day. First we had really nice luncheon at the Skyroom on campus before heading over to the temple. I know it was hard for some people to find parking (and to find the building - good thing I ran into my Illinois friends in the parking lot!), but so many of our family and friends came and it was great. The food was awesome, and the view was better.

I think this picture is a cute mix of people. My best friends from Illinois, my dad, and Stefan's grandparents. Just chattin'.
Our guests filled up the this whole side of the room.
That vieeew.
If Stefan and I spent the most time researching photographers, our hours logged searching for reception venues come in at a close second. We knew we didn't want to rent out any huge place like Noah's. And no offense to anyone who does, we just knew we wouldn't fill a huge space like that so it would end up feeling impersonal and we would have wasted money. 

Our first choice was Coleman's Art Gallery on University Avenue in Provo, but they were renovating all winter so they gave us a no. When I say "we" kept looking for weeks, I really mean Stefan did. He looked so hard and in the end he found Historic Southworth Hall on Center Street in Provo. (No, we still don't know why it's "historic.) And in the end, Southworth was definitely the right choice.

The people at Southworth were great to work with. Sometimes I found myself wishing they would set a couple more rules just so I felt like I knew what was overstepping our bounds or not.. But they were so accommodating and they gave us a great price, too! I loved being in a smaller, cozy space. Plus we loved the brick walls and wood floors - the place basically comes pre-decorated.

Stefan's mom arranged the caterer for he reception too, so all I really know about them is these two things:
1. When we needed forks while we were cutting the cake one of the cater ladies was right there with a hand full. That catering service didn't even make our cake!
2. And also they packed a really big bag of leftovers, sparkling cider, and candy for Stefan and me.
So Marvellous Catering official gets my raving review.

As for our out of this world raspberry cheesecake, my mom's cousin's daughter made it! Who knew? I told my mom we wanted cheesecake, and after calling around to a ton of bakeries - none of whom would make us one - my grandma mentioned to my mom that this cousin's daughter worked at a bakery in Orem. That cake was so delicious. My apologies to anyone who didn't get a slice and just ate those bite-size cheesecakes from Costco - except not really because those are delicious too. The caterer even threw some of those in our little to go bag! Man, good food that day.

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There was a lot of good food, Rivka did a great job! And the Hot Chocolate Bar was a hit too! I refilled it four times! :)

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