downtown window shopping

May 21, 2014

This afternoon I wandered downtown and window shopped, just because. First of all, look at this city target! It has three floors and sells everything a typical target does, as far as I could tell. Although now that I think about it I didn't see that $1 area that's usually at the front of each store so maybe this place wasn't perfect after all.. 

Since we had a wedding registry at target, Stefan and I have been at the Orem store a lot over the past few months to use all our giftcards. We've come home with a ton of good stuff! A new tent and tarp, a bike rack for the car, the cutest colander you've ever seen (maybe you didn't even know cute colanders existed, oh they do!), Ferris Bueller's Day Off for $5, and Monopoly - to name the only purchases I can remember right now.

hi target. Nobody ask how many times I rode the escalators to gets these pictures that turned out very sub-par. I'm sure anyone watching, live or on security cameras, probably thought I was looking suspicious and crazy. The whole time I just didn't want to be too obvious and appear very tourist-y but now that I look at all these pictures I wish I wouldn't have worried about it and just taken some better pictures, dang it. Who caaares if I look like a tourist, I basically am! I'm on a three month long vacation here, as far as I can tell.

By the way, this target had way cuter clothes than other targets! Dresses that even looked long enough for me to be able to wear! Good thing we have a few giftcards left. heh!

Sometimes I don't buy things at target because they seem a little pricey.. So don't ask me why I even walked into these other stores, but I did. These kinds of stores were everywhere, selling really expensive, really handmade stuff. Some things made me think, "I could make that." But so much of what they sold was so beautiful and creative that I was really impressed!

^^^ Like this whole wall of simple cards and prints. I know I could do stuff like this! Someday. 

So that was a fun afternoon! If Stefan didn't work so much I would have invited him to go with me.. Just kidding, we've plenty of fun stuff together and we have plenty more planned! I love that guy. Portland (or my life, generally speaking) really wouldn't be any fun without him.

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Window shopping trips are so fun, and it looks like a beautiful area. I love to wander and explore, have so much fun!

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