portland's tower of terror

May 20, 2014

Stefan and I are all moved in and settled in Portland! Well, mostly. Our first few days have been pretty busy, and even though I feel like we've been running around nonstop I've still managed to spend quite a bit of time at home. So today, that's what you get! Here's a (sort of) tour of our tiny apartment, Portland's very own Tower of Terror.

Just kidding, it's called the Lafayette. It's a 1920's hotel converted into apartments, and the elevator plus the door knockers plus the wall phones plus some of the tiles really remind you how old it is.

^^^ This is our building! Basically the view from where we park the car across the street. I think I made fun of Stefan's pose so he turned his head away from me. We are in a great location, I think. We're right next to the MAX line that takes Stefan to work, close to downtown (or maybe we're right in downtown, depending on who you ask), and close to this Starbucks where I'm using the free wifi until we get our internet set up next week!

^^^ This phone gets hit a lot when we swing open the door to our apartment.. But we've actually used it once already! On Sunday morning Stefan went to look for something in the car and when I didn't hear my phone ring (twice) he called me on this phone from the buttons outside. It makes me feel like I'm on Seinfeld knowing someday I might get to buzz up a visitor. I hope the visitor is Seinfeld.

^^^ The bathroom is the first room on the right when we walk in. It is also my least favorite room right now because yesterday I slipped and fell right on my knee and almost broke my skull on the sink. But really it's a very good bathroom for us. Lots of mirrors, which is nice. Funny toilet, though. Also there is a little cabinet behind the door so we have a little storage space.

^^^ This window stares right at you when you walk in the apartment! We always have some windows open, even (especially) when it's raining. We haven't seen so much rain though. So far this Portland summer is treating us perfectly! 

Disclaimer: Sometimes my cousin does this thing on her blog/instagram called #mylifeunstaged. I'll admit these pictures don't fall into the #mylifeunstaged category.. I spent all morning cleaning and finding a place for everything and yes, sometimes I moved clutter out of the picture! Fine! 

^^^ But here's a bit of reality. Yesterday we went shopping for some cheap furniture. We wanted to get plastic drawers for clothes but couldn't bring ourself to pay what new ones cost! Jeez. So we bought new hangers and hung up a lot of clothes, but the other stuff will likely live in our suitcases on the floor right there all summer. How cute would a couple drawers or a bookcase (did you see all the books and Harry Potter dvds on the floor?) be right on that wall! We don't have a mattress yet either, but my cousin who lives up here is letting us borrow his air mattress until we get one! We'll probably just end up buying our own air mattress anyway. 

^^^ We've spent a lot of time organizing this closet. Too much time maybe.. But it looks good right? Thanks.

^^^ Behind the bathroom is (probably my favorite room) the kitchen! Yesterday on our shopping spree (Goodwill, Salvation Army, Walmart, go crazy!) we scored two matching folding chairs with a nice-ish black matte finish originally from Target. The black card table is from Costco which I love because: I feel as if we're the only people without a Costco card, but now when people ask where our great table is from (and they will) I can say "Costco!" and feel like part of the club. The table is almost too big for the kitchen, but when we push it back into that corner we can still get into the fridge. Perfect.

^^^ Cute, huh! Look at that tiny stove/oven! It works great though. And I do love our huge sink (no dishwasher), but the faucet drips. You can see my mason jar in there catching the drops! I don't want to waste all that water so I fill up our jars, cups, and juice pitcher, then keep them cold in the fridge and drink the water later. I don't know if I need to go to all the trouble, but I just do.

So there it is! That's the whole tour. We're really happy. And even though the apartment is small and we won't be here long, it's really fun being in our first all-on-our-own apartment. 


Nathan said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Nice place!

Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I can't say I'm jealous of your apartment but I am jealous of the memories you'll have living in the Hotel Lafayette. I think you guys need to watch some classic film noirs from the 1940s like the Maltese Falcon to get into the spirit of living there. Enjoy!

Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I agree with your dad :) You'll have such great memories of the Hotel Lafayette! It's so unique and adorable in it's own way. I love that you're documenting the adventure. Have fun and keep posting so we can enjoy it too!

Emily B said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love this SO much. What a fun adventure. And thanks for making me feel famous!!

Meghan Kuhn said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Erin, this is so cool. Have all the fun!

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