Provo to Portland

May 05, 2014

Remember when Jabari Parker was deciding where to play college basketball and BYU made those "Chicago to Provo" shirts and I really wanted one but never got it, and then Jabari went to Duke anyway? Well, someone make us two "Provo to Portland" shirts because that IS what's happening this summer.

I know Stefan already put in on Facebook which means everyone already knows.. but Heaven knows I couldn't let this kind of news pass by without using way too many words to explain how the whole thing happened! So here's my version of the we're moving to Portland story:

Initially, Stefan applied to a lot of summer internships in Chicago. (We really didn't want to stay in Provo all summer.) But one of the big struggles of being a BYU student is that your semester ends about a month before most other schools. So we wanted to set our summer plans back in March, but back in March most internships weren't calling applicants yet. Since we both have good jobs in Utah and we hadn't heard from any internships, we decided maybe we were supposed to stay in Provo this year.

And then right when we decided that, guess who called! One of the Chicago internships. But that one was unpaid so Stefan only interviewed for the experience, knowing that even if they offered it he wouldn't take it. (Which they did, and he didn't.)

And then guess who else called! Intel! Stefan's brother works for Intel in Sacramento, and he sent in Stefan's resume for an internship opening in that office. But the phone call we got wasn't from the Sacramento office, it was from Intel's corporate marketing group. The woman who called even asked Stefan how she got his resume, to which he replied... He didn't know! This was a couple weeks before finals, so they scheduled the interview for a few days after all our tests would be over.

In the mean time, Stefan went to lunch with a friend in our ward who works for Intel. One of his biggest pieces of advice was to e-mail the woman who had set up the interview a few times over the next couple weeks. Just to keep Stefan's name fresh in her mind and kind of impress her with what Stefan already knew about Intel and marketing and all that. So of course he did, and I seriously think that was the best advice anyone could have given! <<< So there's a tip, all internship hopefuls!

I don't have any pictures to go with this post.. But here's a picture of us with an umbrella because Portland is rainy.
Stefan finally had the big interview last Monday and felt really good about it. Then on Thursday when we were up in Salt Lake for a wedding, one of the guys who interviewed Stefan also happened to be in Salt Lake. So we met up with him which was really incredible. He was so, so kind and really provided Stefan with a valuable networking opportunity by inviting us to have lunch with his advertising team at MRM//McCANN. 

Fiiinally on Friday Intel called back and offered Stefan the internship! Up until this point we still weren't even sure where the internship would take us. We were almost sure it would be Santa Clara, California, but in the end it's Portland. AND WE ARE SO EXCITED. We've been apartment hunting online all weekend and making a long list of places to see and places to eat and everything to do in Portland.

(Also I still can't really get into Portlandia, so I'm mostly hoping that's not what this place is really like.)

Stefan has a pretty good chance at getting a job at Boostability again in the fall. My employment (including plans for the summer) is still up in the air, but we aren't too worried about any of that. We're just excited and ready for the rest of this summer! Then of course we will be back in Provo for school this fall.

So there you go, a way too long, probably confusing, likely unnecessary explanation of that story - but also a promise of lots of Portland posts all summer long.

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