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May 13, 2014

I didn't post anything to social media about my mom on Mother's Day. Before you get the wrong idea about my feelings for my mom, here is what I would have posted had I not been hanging out with this wonderful lady in real life last Sunday.

My mom is so patient. And she's the best listener I know. How would I have managed to ever get married if I didn't have my mom's phone number listed at the top of my phone's favorites list? Half the time I ended up crying during our phone calls, and most of the time no one knew why. What I do know is that my mom always listened. She has always listened. All those car rides home from church when it was just her and me. All those evenings I sat on the kitchen counter and talked and talked and talked while she did all the work making dinner. 

All those days like today! Oh gosh, today. I was at Walmart when I called my mom today. I couldn't find something, and then quick as lightning she led me right to what I needed while she sat 1500 miles away. My mom is a really incredible lady.

My dad's advice to me on my wedding day: If you want to me a good wife and a good mother, be like your mom.

Our mother's day picture this year. Just missing the best brother.

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She's the best. No doubt about it.

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