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June 02, 2014

Yesterday I got into Stefan's phone to find pictures he had taken over the weekend and send those pictures to my own phone. I found the ones I wanted, but I also found tons of other pictures I had forgotten! There were so many forgotten pictures from our last few days in Provo that I definitely want to remember, so I sent them all to myself and here they are!

I think this first picture was taken the night before we left for Portland. First let me say that I have never met any returned missionaries who have stayed so close with each other after coming home than those from Stefan's mission. Stefan is still best friends with lots of missionaries, some who were companions and some who weren't. We run into - and intentionally spend time with - these Dutch missionaries all the time! I hear the language so much you'd think I would know it by now. But it really is so great and makes me (both of us I think) really happy.

Anyway, this picture goes like this: me, Stefan, Sister DeLeeuw, Tessa, Brother DeLeeuw, Elder Hansen. Brother and Sister DeLeeuw served in Amsterdam and Stefan spent six months in Amsterdam so they all grew to love each other a lot. The DeLeeuws live in Orem now so we've been lucky to see them a whole bunch of times since they have been home! I actually went to their homecoming with Stefan last spring way back before he really even liked me very much. Tessa is from the Netherlands; she came to Utah as a teenager for a study abroad program and from what I gather I think that's when she gained her testimony of the Gospel. It wasn't until about five years later that she walked into an LDS church service back in the Netherlands and Stefan happened to be one of the missionaries who ended up teaching her. Now she's the primary president in her branch! She's back in Utah visiting this summer and we were really happy to see her before we left. I don't think Stefan ever served with Elder Hansen, but it was fun to have him there and get to know him. 

Back in April I saw somewhere on Facebook that Mates of State was doing a free concert at Thanksgiving Point. At the time I knew nothing about the Cotopaxi Questival (Look it up - nuts!), but I knew Stefan likes Mates of State so we went! They were great live, plus we met up with Taylor and Lindsay once we got there and they make everything more fun.

We saw The Drowsy Chaperone in Orem! One of the main characters' name is Janet van de Graaff, so we had to! Actually it gets better because Stefan really does have an aunt Janet van de Graaff and this show is (loosely) based on the story of her and her husband, Bob Martin. Stefan's uncle Bob actually played one of the characters (interestingly enough, he didn't play another main character named Bob Martin..) for a while and the show won two Tony's! Look it up and go see it if you ever have a chance! It's laugh out loud and has some great music. I heard they're making it into a movie, and we can't wait! 

And here is the scene of our room days before we moved. Ha! I die. Laughing.

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Ahem...5 Tony's. But who's counting? Also, you didn't tell them the part where I walked around saying my last name really loudly so everyone would know I am related...

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