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June 05, 2014

I don't read much, but I'd like to. I also don't have a good answer as to why I don't read more. Most of the time I blame it on being busy with school or work. Sometimes I feel like, if I don't even make time to read my scriptures every day where do I get off reading something else? But those are just excuses and we all know excuses are like armpits: everyone has them and they all stink. Wheeere did I just pull that from!? I'm pretty sure it's from our high school soccer coach/PE teacher. Someone back me up. Come on, CHS.

Anywaaay.. This summer Stefan and I have made it a goal to read more! So here's the first book I read because two summers ago my siblings and I watched Catch Me If You Can and I became.. a little.. obsessed interested.. in the story. I love Frank Abagnale's story because it is one part genius, one part hilarious, and twenty parts pure luck. Equalling twenty-two parts, yes. Naturally.

Also I've decided that interesting autobiographies like this are one of my favorite types of books. But who am I to even say that - I just admitted that I hardly ever read! And I don't even know about this one - written with Stan Redding? I read somewhere that Frank Abagnale admitted - Frank Abagnale Jr., excuse me - admitted that this Stan person may have exaggerated a bit at times. Although, I'm still clinging to the story about teaching at BYU for a summer. I want it to be true so badly, I'm choosing to believe it no matter what.

This was a good book! It's less than three hundred pages and I finished it pretty quickly because it was so fun. Also the movie is so good. Also I love Leo. 

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That sounds juuust like Coach Stranz. :)

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