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June 16, 2014

Some people get married and have a baby, some people get married and buy a puppy, weee got married and (four months later) bought a camera! On Friday night I asked Stefan what camera he was planning on using to film a video he needs to make. He started looking at inexpensive little video cameras online, but I told him if we were going to spend any money on it we might as well get a good one. Then he suggested that if we were smart, we would get a DSLR so we could have a nice camera that did pictures and videos. So we looked on Craiglist and found a "used" one (barely used. it still had the plastic protector on the screen.) for a really good price. We offered the guy selling it $50 less than he was asking, but he said he would throw in a tripod if we only went $40 less. Um okay yes.  So, here you have a bunch of pictures from this past weekend where basically all we did was watch the World Cup and take pictures with our new baby. Keep in mind we don't really know how to use it, and we definitely aren't into editing yet:

Here's a side story: On Friday I had a really long day at work. As in, at one point I went to change the very messy diaper of a screaming baby who then peed everywhere while temporarily diaper-less in the middle of the change. At that point we had spent way too much time together for one week and I think we both wanted me outta that house. Stefan picked me up after work and asked me what I wanted for dinner. When I told him I wanted Costa Vida, we settled on Chipotle. No Costa Vidas in Portland, sadly enough. But I had never been to Chipotle so it was still exciting for me! In the end, it wasn't all it was hyped up to be. Good chips, though. The best part was that there was an H&M across the street where I found a really cute dress for $20, and where we also discovered all the streets around this block are entrances to a secret, hidden underground mall!? 

Oh we also went back to Ruby Jewel because it was the closest place serving milkshakes Saturday night and we needed milkshakes Saturday night. We were going picture crazy with this new camera and I'm pretty sure the employees there thought we were tourists. They were laughing at us and asked us where we were from.. We seriously have to take turns with the camera, we both love it so much. Whenever we walked somewhere with it this weekend one of us would get in on the walk there and then we would switch for the walk back. This post contains probably.. one third of the pictures we've taken since Friday night. One third of the pictures we kept.

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I love random pictures! They tell a secret unintentional story about the photographer :)

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