portland foodie report: but also soccer.

June 19, 2014

Surprise, another date night! I took Stefan to a raved-about pizza place that turned out to be very average, and he explained to me everything one needs to know to fully understand soccer and the World Cup. It's actually the cutest thing to see him get so excited about it all. I don't know how I didn't already understand the game of soccer, I've definitely watched enough games that I should have. I think it's because I never played it myself that I never knew about offsides or free kicks or anything. Well, now I do!

Anyway, the food. Escape From New York Pizza. Stefan said the best part was his side caesar salad.. We both liked the pizza, but it was nothing special. The restaurant is right on NW 23rd street, though. One of my favorite Portland streets so far, one of lots of peoples' favorites I think. It's surrounded by neighborhoods of homes, but most of NW 23rd itself is lined with awesome restaurants and shops. Hole in the wall places selling handmade treasures, but then hello there's a huge Urban Outfitters and a massive Pottery Barn? 

We wandered through a secondhand clothing place for a while, but our best find was Alotto Gelato. If my memory serves me well and I think it doooesss... Stefan had chocolate and mint. I had one scoop of a flavor I couldn't pronounce when I ordered and now can't remember at all, and one scoop of their salted caramel which was most likely mislabeled because it tasted one hundred percent like butterscotch. I wasn't upset at all, naturally I tasted it first and then ordered it because mmmbutterscotch.

Our conversation pretty much the entire night revolved around soccer because the first World Cup games started the next day! Luckily Stefan had that next day off work, so he dropped me off with my little baby child and then headed to a restaurant that was showing all the games. Actually if I'm being honest, he went to a bar. I text him at one point to see where he was and his reply was "still at the bar." Neat. 

I'm pretty sure he loved it though - he wore his Dutch jersey, met a couple Dutchmen who were impressed with his handle on the language, and maybe you've already seen the score of that particular Netherlands vs Spain game which made him pretty happy too. Plus after he picked me up from work we headed over to the Adidas employee store because somehow we had a 50% coupon. Oooh. 

Well the point of why I started talking about soccer again is that we're a little bummed Spain is doing so poorly because guess where we're headed tomorrow? I'm going to try to use my phone/waste time on social media as little as possible during this trip besides probably instagram-ing a few pictures. So I'll see ya later, little blog!

What is really exciting is how well the Netherlands is fairing in the World Cup so far. Because after the family trip to Spain, guess where Stefan and I are heading for our better-late-than-never honeymoon?

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