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June 09, 2014

..how many times I can say "Intel" in one post. Here we go!

Sometimes after I post on this blog I realize what I said didn't make sense or it was poorly worded and I want to fix it. Unless I catch what I want to change the very same day I originally posted it, I usually leave it alone. I know how much I like to go back and read what was written years ago and see how things - and usually I - have changed. So I leave the mess-ups as they are because it's nice to notice if I'm getting better or worse as a writer, too. 

One of those times when I wanted to go back and clarify something - but I didn't! - happened when I posted about our move to Portland. I wrote that Stefan interviewed with Intel, but I also mentioned the day we met with someone at MRM//McCann in Salt Lake. My dad asked us later if the internship is actually with Intel or with MRM//McCann, an advertising agency that works with Intel. 

Here's my clarification, then. The internship is definitely with Intel! The day we visited the MRM//McCann offices, we were actually there to meet with an Intel employee who had interviewed Stefan. During the phone interview he had mentioned he was going to be in Salt Lake soon to meet with his advertising team and thought it would be nice to meet Stefan face-to-face.


Which all leads me to the fact that Stefan is loving his internship! That nice Intel employee who interviewed Stefan and then met with us in Salt Lake is now Stefan's manager for the summer/new best friend. We think he might be the nicest, most interesting person alive. 

From day one at Intel Stefan has raved about his manager, Ron. This guy is constantly throwing really nice gifts at Stefan, assigned him to three great projects, and shows a genuine interest in not only Stefan's life but also in ensuring he has a positive experience with Intel. Stefan has mentioned multiple times how hard Intel works to not treat their interns like what we sometimes think of as typical, un-involved, go get the coffee interns. They treat Stefan as if he's just another team member. It's been perfect for him! 

My favorite part is, obviously, how happy Stefan is. But my second favorite part is all the fun stuff we've been doing for free thanks to Intel! Last week we got two free date nights out of these suckers. Wednesday night we went to a pre-screening of How To Train Your Dragon 2. I thought it was cute! Actually I do have one problem with it, but I can't say or it will ruin the movie for someone. Also yesterday I heard something about one of the characters coming out as gay in this second movie, but I'll be honest - I didn't even catch it. I had to google it. He just says, "...that's why I never got married! Well, and one other reason.." So if you're worried about it being a theme in the movie, it's totally not! That character especially is still great throughout the whole thing.

^^^ Oh we also got $10 worth of free concessions each! Yes, that was the best part. The three things I love most are as follows: Stefan, movie theatre popcorn, spelling theatre like that. I don't know why these are the only pictures I have from the movie, but there you have it! The people in front of us were a little crazy, I think I was looking at them.

Friday night we went to a Portland Thunder game! If you don't know what sport the Portland Thunder play, maybe that's because they are a brand new team. Or maybe it's because they play arena football. It was a really fun night! Even though we thought arena football might move faster than regular football and it certainly did not. Sooo, thanks Intel! Intel. Thirteen.


Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So, you're thoughts on moving to Portland in a couple of years when they offer Stefan a job? You know Portland does not have an NFL football team so you could still be a Bear's fan without fear.

Stefan Van De Graaff said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Haha Jake, I think that was really the only concern she had. You make a good point. See Erin?

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