aaand we're back.

July 08, 2014

But, we aren't going in chronological order. I don't quite have the energy to write any posts about our trip in any reasonable amount of time, so instead here is what we did as soon as we were home! We left Europe at 10:30am and landed in Portland around 11:00am... So in an effort to fight our jet lag and kick that gross, lethargic feeling I always have after flying we decided to exercise. Literally we made it home, changed clothes, and left the building. We went to the high school track a few blocks from us, Stefan played soccer on the field while I ran a few miles and then sort of played soccer with him. He was Jermaine Jones, I was Clint Dempsey, of course. Then we went grocery shopping mostly to buy gatorades and I fell asleep before 7:00pm. Turns out I'm a total rookie at getting over jet lag. 

Anyway, on the Fourth of July we tried to sleep in.. But accidentally waking up really early meant we easily caught both soccer games! That afternoon we drove out to Stefan's manager's house in Hillsboro for a barbecue. Why isn't it spelled barbeque!? Ugh, this language.. 

Well the food was incredible and the company was so interesting. Stefan's manager, Ron, and Ron's cousin, plus two other friends - no one younger than probably thirty-five. We had fun chatting and then went on a walk through this gorgeous, really green park near Ron's house. Halfway through the walk we found a little area with a plaque on a huge stone, thanking the family who donated the money for the park and dedicating it all to one particular family member. I read the little bio about Gary A. Baker, and Ron called me Pastor Erin the rest of the night, thanking me for my sermon at "outdoor church."

Stefan and I decided we were too exhausted to drive to the coast for fireworks with the rest of the group, but as we pulled out of the driveway early they all took the small American flags out of Ron's yard and waved them for us. So that was just as good as fireworks anyway, I think. They were such a funny group.

On Sunday I decided we should drive to the coast after church. (btw, in Oregon it's not the beach. it's the coast. we've been corrected since living here. (Which I guess is pretty fair, really. When a person hears beach they probably think of sunshine and actually getting in the water.)) I suggested it on Saturday because I thought it was a nice idea, but then at church one sister asked me what we've been doing in Portland and told me she hoped we weren't just twiddling our thumbs. Sorry I haven't been berry picking yet, I swear that was the only thing she asked me about! Anyway, I sure wasn't sitting home the rest of the day after that, so we drove out to Cannon Beach. (Cannon Coast!? I don't know. Beach is in the name of the coastal town so I guess that makes it okay?)

It was overcast and a little chilly, but overall made a good spot for reading and doing crossword puzzles. Stefan bought this crossword puzzle book at the airport as we were leaving for our trip, and he has barely put it down since! I don't blame him, he's really getting good at them.

So that was how we celebrated out nation's independence and rested up after our long trip. Isn't it funny how sometimes you feel like you need a vacation after a vacation - just to finally rest from all that running around? Lucky for us, we came home to a nice, long weekend! Perfect.

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