amsterdam, part one

July 22, 2014

After we had seen Belgium, the four of us made our way to the Netherlands! We stayed one night in a tiny town called Vlissingen where Stefan served on his mission. The first picture is the view from our room at the little bed and breakfast where we stayed. As is so typical with me, I didn't even get any pictures of the best part of Vlissingen! We stayed there on a Saturday night so Sunday morning we went to church at the branch there. Stefan loves the people in the branch and I think they like him alright, too. As in, I felt like I was married to a celebrity the minute we got out of our car. We hadn't even crossed the street to get to the church building before we had someone yelling out her car window at Stefan. Everyone was so excited to see him. And I loved meeting everyone! I wish we had more pictures, but I guess that's a good enough reason to go back someday!

^^^ Watching Chile get kicked out of the World Cup. What a gaaame! A sad one though, as soon as you notice James there in his Chile jersey...

^^^ I have no idea what's going on here, but Stefan took this picture and I think it's so funny.

^^^ Trying to find somewhere in Amsterdam to watch the Dutch game was kind of tough, but in the end we did get to see both goals!

^^^ Okay this was pretty funny. After the game ended we noticed there seemed to be a never-ending herd of people all walking to the same place. After debating whether to follow the crowd (to what we thought would be a huge party or something) or to keep looking for a restaurant where we could eat dinner, we decided to follow the crowd - without asking anyone where they were all going. After following along for maybe fifteen minutes it turned out everyone was just walking to the train station to get home. hahaha, I'm laughing as I type it. No party, but we still found a good restaurant for dinner! 

^^^ Pannenkoeken. Giant pancakes, with a million choices when it comes to what is served on top. Naturally, I chose ice cream. Although hindsight twenty twenty - or maybe we should change that saying to hindsight Stefan vision, because the boy seriously has incredible eyesight - maybe not ice cream next time. I was too worried about how fast it was melting!

^^^ hehe!

The next day Stefan and I split up from his parents and started our honeymoon in Amsterdam! First on our agenda was a boat tour of the city. And this is where I want to talk about how similar Amsterdam and Portland are. They both have water running right through them, they're both very green and not exactly the tropical sort of green.. Tons of narrow roads and bikes everywhere. So it's a good thing I like Portland because that meant I really liked Amsterdam, too. And holy cow is Amsterdam beautiful! Maybe that's why I like it. Amsterdam isn't glamorous or loud, it's not really begging for attention. But it still gets a lot of attention because it has so much to offer. And also it reminded me of Harry Potter a lot with all the cobblestone roads and tall, skinny houses. Haha, maybe I don't get out much as far as world traveling, but there's no denying how many times I've seen those HP movies so I'll make whatever comparisons I please.

^^^ Harry Potter am I right!? It's even leaning, give me a break!

^^^ Hehe, they call these the dancing houses. I don't think this picture even does it justice as far as just how much each of those houses is leaning. 

^^^ This is a bad picture of a famous section of Amsterdam's canals where seven bridges line of perfectly.

That night we took a train out to a smaller town called Leidschendam where the Mission President and his wife live. When they picked us up from train station they had another former missionary with them too! He and Stefan served at the same time so that was a fun surprise, and we had a great night with all three of them. We went to dinner, stopped for gelato, and saw the only windmill of our whole trip! The only up close windmill, I should say.

^^^ I loved seeing these signs all over. Hold your little one's hand!

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Wow! This really makes me want to go there! So Beautiful! And I do see where you're going with the Harry Potter comparison. I love that the houses are leaning!

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