amsterdam, part two

July 23, 2014

Stefan and I visited the Rijksmuseum! We didn't take many pictures there because we actually took a couple videos. Stefan is working on a special video that will include a lot of Amsterdam shots, so maybe if we're all lucky he'll let me post the video here when it's done! Anyway, here is one picture from the museum. We both loved this cute mommy with her two kids, snuggling the baby and teaching the older one to read. Good mama!

Amsterdam has a great food scene because while the Dutch do have some yummy traditional food of their own, Amsterdam is packed full of immigrants who have brought a lot of incredible food from their home countries. Stefan was craving Turkish food, so he took me to a great restaurant where we had kapsalon - fries, meat, cheese, sambal sauce (kind of like a hot sauce), lettuce, tomato, YUM. Also Europe has all kinds of Fanta flavors America has never seen! That purple flavor is cassis - black currant. I had a lot of those..

Riding bikes through Amsterdam was possibly my very most favorite part of this trip. We didn't get many pictures because, hands on the wheel you know? I'm not trying to break our new camera. The day we rented bikes we also met up with a friend from Stefan's mission. We rode bikes with him and two of his kids through Vondelpark. When I don't have pictures of these places, please google them. Please. So beautiful! 

^^^ Can we talk about how unfair this is? I needed to use a restroom too, but do I get to go right there on the sidewalk? No, not easily.

^^^ heh, burger school! Sign me up! 

^^^ Thank you local jogger for noticing we were tourists who wanted a picture in front of the canal and offering to take that picture before we had to ask.

ATTENTION! IF YOU ARE EVER IN AMSTERDAM, TOUR THE ANNE FRANK HOUSE. Yes, wait in that long line. Bring a book, pack some snacks, take turns waiting while others go explore, just be prepared to wait for an hour or so and then do it because it is so worth it and this also might have been my favorite thing about our trip. We lucked out and only waited about forty-five minutes! Thirty of which Stefan was off filming, but I didn't mind because I had free wifi! They don't allow pictures inside, but here is a shot of the exterior. The building where Anne's family lived is the third from the right. No red shutters, no tree in front. The Frank's building and the two to its own left are all part of the museum now. And check out that line! But oh, seeing this museum - this building of empty rooms that was once a hidden home, watching interviews of Anne's father and others who helped her family, reading quotes from Anne's story as you walked where she lived! Oh, please please please go if you're ever lucky enough to have the chance. I still feel so incredibly lucky that I was able to see it.

You guys, this is the end all of the posts from our big trip! I can never thank the van de Graaffs enough for the trip of a lifetime. This was my first time traveling outside the United States and within a two week period I saw more of the world than I honestly ever thought I would. I loved traveling with them, and I can't wait for the next trip!


Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Okay, I'm sold. When you and Stefan are living in Holland, we'll come visit.

LauraP said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I remember going to the Anne Frank home when we lived over in Germany. I was only 7 but I still remember it and feeling sad that they had to live and hide like that. Another thing I remember about visiting Amsterdam was all the rain and having to buy me new shoes cause my old ones had a hole and were filling with water! I wish I would have kept my cool "European" shoes

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