July 17, 2014

After a week in Spain with the whole family, Stefan and I were off to Amsterdam for our honeymoon! (Despite my one million posts about the wedding, I don't think I ever posted about what we did for our mini honeymoon that weekend.. I'll do that sometime.) But before we made it to Amsterdam, we spent a couple more days with Stefan's parents. The four of us flew from Spain up to Brussels, Belgium and spent a day exploring there. From what I hear, the few hours we spent in Brussels and then in Ghent were about all we needed in order to see the best parts of the country. The square in Brussels was beautiful, we saw Manneken Pis, Stefan had one of his beloved bicki burgers and we tried all the yummy sauces they have for their fries, Belgium waffles were consumed (although I don't have any pictures because when you have a fresh, warm waffle in your hands - priorities), and we toured a beautiful cathedral in Ghent. I haven't seen The Monuments Men, but if I understand it correctly some of the incredible artwork we saw in that cathedral was what the men in that movie were sent to rescue from Nazi thieves during World War II. So there you go, a day in Belgium!

^^^ Somebody had already added the cigarette before we showed up, so Stefan's mom decided she wanted to give the woman something too - a few euros in her purse.

^^^ hehe, all dressed up! Also don't look at me in the next picture, just Stefan.

^^^ Stefan, looking ruggedly handsome and awfully photoshopped.

^^^ By the time we were leaving to come home I wished I had taken a picture of every McDonald's and H&M I had seen on this trip. I would have made a little collage that actually would have been huge and not little at all. I don't know which one Europeans love more, but I've never seen so many - and all so close to each other! - in my whole life. Seriously, McDonald's and H&M's on every corner in some neighborhoods and every single one of them was always full of people. 

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