downtown running

July 29, 2014

Running in Portland has proven itself difficult. Living downtown means running downtown and running downtown means lots of traffic and tons of crosswalks. I don't have tiiime to wait at crosswalks, I'm trying to run two miles here! Which is essentially the longest I've run this summer. Because conveniently enough, we live one mile from the river. Down to any of the bridges and back is a solid two mile run. But any time I try to go longer than two miles I get so fed up with the traffic and the stoplights and the hills - I almost forgot to mention the hills! Running to the river is a breeze, but running home is all uphill. So, I'm probably just going to stick with my two miles runs over the next month. I can't believe we're leaving Portland in a month! Well at least my two mile runs have left me with some good pictures. 

^^^ Sooo, cartoon network just bought a bunch of billboards in downtown Portland. This one is only a few blocks from our house so I run past it a lot. And also in regards to music not necessarily touching me while I run, but definitely moving me.. my favorite running song right now is Kiss You by One Direction. I don't even love One Direction. I know some of the boys' names, but I don't know which name goes with which boy. What I do know is that I get so pumped when that song comes on! Also my number one regret of our wedding is not playing that song at the reception. 

^^^ Guys, I really don't know about panoramic pictures. I try them all the time but I don't think I'm doing it right?

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