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July 24, 2014

I am all about jumping onto bandwagons, even if you're late. I do it all the time! (see also: wearing leggings as pants) Who cares if you aren't the first to discover or love something. If and when you do learn about it, if and when you decide you love it, jump. 

About a month ago Stefan and I went to see Divergent at a dollar theatre with some friends. I hadn't read the book, for no real reason besides what I've mentioned before about generally not reading much. So I wasn't terribly excited for the movie, but I did sneak in some candy and hoped I might end up with some buttery popcorn by the end of the night. Those things had me excited. 

I ended up loving that movie! (and getting popcorn!) I loved that Beatrice was trying so hard to do the right thing - to kind of find herself and then be true to that. I loved how stinking brave she was. I loved when her selflessness proved that she was brave. I loved her strength, and how hard she pushed herself. I loved when Four confessed that he didn't want to be just one thing - he wanted to be brave and selfless and intelligent and honest and kind. I loved when Tris' mom turned out to be the absolute coolest character in the movie. #familyfirst And I loved the movie so much that Stefan bought the book for me at the airport before we left on our trip! (Am I driving the Divergent bandwagon yet? Sitting shotgun, at least.)

The book was easy for me to read quickly since I already mostly knew what was happening. Of course it sometimes left me asking that forever unanswerable question: why leave parts from the book out of the movie and then add scenes to the movie that are nowhere in the book!? I may never know. But in this case, I still really loved both.

The story this book slash movie tells can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. It has a lot to offer, isn't that how good books should be? For me this story is about a girl just trying to figure things out and do her very best. Tris is trying to figure out herself, her strengths and weaknesses, her loyalties, her world, which rules to follow and which to break, who to trust, how far to push herself, which battles to fight, holy cow. She's just doing her best through it all, taking chances that sometimes work and sometimes don't. For me Tris's story shows so much strength! It shows how important it is to believe in yourself and to trust yourself and to not fear doing either of those things. (Those things are hard for me.) 

Did I just do that word vomit thing where everything I said made no sense at all? Sorry if that was painful to read.

Anyway, I have my name on the library's wait list (wait list isn't one word!?) for Insurgent, but if anyone wants to send me their copy I'll take good care of it.

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