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July 18, 2014

I have more food to talk about (always) but I don't have any pictures of the food I want to talk about (oops, we have to go back). So instead of food let's talk about this book I just finished: My Story by Elizabeth Smart

If there's one thing I love in this world it's inspirational autobiographies of strong, Mormon women. Amen. 

I was pretty young when Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped, younger than she was. I think that's the reason that although I knew the gist of her story, I didn't know - and couldn't remember ever knowing - the details. Ever since I found out she wrote this book I've wanted to read it. I knew it would be an amazing memoir full of not only tragedy, fear, and abuse, but also strength, faith, courage, hope.

As it turns out, it was all those things and more. Elizabeth did an incredible job telling this story. Some parts were so painful to read, and I just ached for her. So many parts were simply unbelievable - whether it was the crazy things her captors believed about their elect callings from God or the insane ways they abused her. Or even the blessings from Heaven she felt during her nine months of terror - she wrote about counting her blessings at times and feeling Heaven close to her often. I was so amazed and impressed and proud - am I allowed to feel that toward her? maybe just amazed and impressed - that she never grew to think like her captors or fall into their way of life - no Stockholm Syndrome for her. That she never blamed God for her situation, but instead turned to Him frequently and was able to feel Him with her. That the only reason she never tried to escape was because her kidnappers had threatened to kill her family if she did, and she wanted nothing more in the world than to protect her family. 

It also amazed me that this book is roughly three hundred pages long. Elizabeth was gone for nine months and tortured every day of it. There is no way she even skimmed the surface of her story! Incredible. Ahh, read it! But not right before you go to bed. There was one night I seriously could not sleep at all because I was so scared. I kept waking up all night long and seeing scary faces.

It's hard to even write about her story because it's so real - the way she wrote it is so real - and I can't say it better than she has. All I can say is that I cried at the point when she was reunited with her family, and I can only remember crying because of a book one other time in my life. And I think that was in the fifth grade so I was probably forcing it to be dramatic.

. . . . .

Look what I found, a picture of great food! Stefan and I are living off vanilla yogurt and granola lately. So good. And especially good on hot summer days. I've also found this is the best way for me to force down a banana, which I believe to be (not always tasty, but) the one and only true superfruit that will keep me healthy forever. Amen.

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