July 31, 2014

I don't know if anyone knows this, but Stefan really likes soccer. As soon as he realized his favorite English Premiere League team was playing a game in Seattle this summer, I'm not convinced he waited for my go ahead before he bought two tickets. We had been looking for a reason to visit Seattle anyway, so really this was perfect! Tons of people recommended taking the train, and if you want to know something else about Stefan, he really loves trains. We both do! Everyone who recommended it was right; the train ride between Portland and Seattle really is beautiful. Stefan even let me have the window seat, so that's how I know he loves me.

^^^ These fountains around the city are constantly flowing water. Ever since Stefan and I saw a giant dog drinking out of one, we swore we never would. But the walk from our apartment to the train station was very long, and I was very hot, and let's just all try to forget the dog story.

We debated for quite a while whether or not to go up in the Space Needle. It costs a lot for such a good view of the city! In the end I convinced us both it was worth it, and in the actual end I think it was! While we were up there, my ever-sociable husband struck up a conversation with a group of seven high school students from Georgia who were on a career exploration trip in Seattle. We ended up talking with them for roughly a half hour; they were the kind of kids who were funny and knew it.

^^^ Does this look like an advertisement for Space Needle University to anyone else?

On Saturday we met up with some friends from Provo! Stefan's old roommate Scott grew up near Seattle, and he and his cute new wife were in town for their second wedding reception that weekend. We went to breakfast at Toulouse Petit, where Heather and I both ordered the yummiest french toast known to humans. Thick bread, caramel syrup, topped with strawberries.. YUMMY. Then Scott and Heather took us down to Pikes Place Market! We were so glad to have them as tour guides.

^^^ Sorry I always see funny restroom signs.

^^^ And if you want to know something about ME, I hate gum.

^^^ Leave it to Stefan to find someone he knows everywhere we go. I know I do. Seriously we were just walking along and then all the sudden Stefan is hugging someone. Typical. One of his best friends from high school just moved to Seattle, and we ran smack into him and his parents in the market!

^^^ Ah, yes. The reason for the trip! It ended in a tie, but sitting in a section with all the other Tottenham Hotspur fans was a blast. I'd say it was the best part, but I can't! The first best part was seeing Clint Dempsey in real life, let's be honest. The second best part was when Stefan and I were totally convinced the Seattle Sounders had actually signed a new player that week - an eighteen year old red head kid from back east. They let him start the game and everyone was making a huge deal out of him all afternoon. Turns out he was a Make A Wish kid who loves Clint Dempsey. So yes, that was the best part of the game. (If you want to know something else about me, I love the Make A Wish organization. If I ever do anything with this degree of mine, I would love to work for them.)

We had so much fun in Seattle! Thanks to everyone who offered recommendations, let us stay with them, or toured us around the city. We didn't have time to see everything we wanted to, so we need to go back soon!

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