spain part dos

July 10, 2014

These pictures are from time spent in Malaga! One night we walked down to the port for dinner and passed a cute little park on our way. After playing there for a while, the little girls all got to ride on these huge motorized animals (or in the littlest one's case, drive her own really mini mini cooper.) Such a funny thing that they'll probably remember for a long, long time. Also I included the picture of me holding gelato not because I like the picture, but because I lost count of how many times we ate gelato on this trip and that is what I call a vacation. 

On a different day in Malaga, we passed this man playing his harp. The girls gave him some money, and then Stefan ended up buying a CD of his music! We listened to it last Sunday when we drove to the coast, it's really beautiful. After listening to the harp man, we visited a Roman amphitheater and The Alcazaba which was seriously breathtaking. I think this was the place Ali and I compared to The Secret Garden. Only this place was Spanish and better.

^^^ gelato.

Talk about having the time of your life. As soon as these girls figured out what happened when they pressed a finger on top of that shooting water, no one was safe.

I didn't risk taking our camera to the beach on our last day, but you can believe me when I say it was beautiful. The sand was almost too hot to run on and definitely too hot to walk on. Stefan and I bribed his three year old niece to go under the the freezing sea water with us, and my legs burned pretty badly but were totally fine in about two days. After the beach and some shopping, we headed to a carnival! Most of the rides were for kids, but Stefan and I did ride a quick roller coaster with some steep drops. One thing at the carnival I loved but didn't take a picture of was a mentally challenged flamenco dancer who killed it in both a group dance and her solo. She was so beautiful and yes, I teared up watching her.

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You teared up too!? So did I, I thought it was my horemones, glad I'm not the only one who cried :) fun trip and miss you two!

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