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July 30, 2014

My cute friend has a blog where she often talks about her cool film projects and sometimes confesses her.. well, confessions, on Wednesdays. They aren't by any means guilty confessions. They're usually just confessions about her little quirks, and they always make her seem even cuter than she was before I read them. Lately I realized that maybe it's my turn to leave a few confessions on this blog. You know, clear the air. Get some things off my chest. Really open up here. So, here I go:

: I love The Mindy Project. A lot of people have been telling me for a while that I should start watching it, but I've never been good at sticking with TV shows. I guess I should be grateful for that, really. Since I started nannying though, I've been putting the family's Apple TV to good use. I tried getting into Parenthood for a while, but that didn't last. What has lasted, and what has had me laughing out loud until my cheeks and stomach hurt and the baby is staring at me so confused, is The Mindy Project. And don't worry, the baby still gets lots of attention. It's just when she's eating or chewing quietly on literally everything that it's easy to have the TV on in the background.

: I am a chronic song repeater. I stole that phrase from someone because it is incredibly accurate. When I find a song I love, whether it be for the lyrics or just the sound, I can't stop won't stop for months. Right now I am completed infatuated (can't tell yet if it's true love, but I'll let you know) with Riptide by Vance Joy. I heard it on the radio one of the first weeks we lived in Portland, and ever since I listen to it on repeat.. often. This one I love for the lyrics and the sound. I say "sound" because I don't know a lot about music, so I can't tell you what makes it sound so good. It just doesss. But the lyrics! He doesn't just say, "my friends are jealous that I'm dating you because you're hot." He says, "all my friends are turning green, you're the magician's assistant in their dreams." He doesn't even say, "I want to marry you." He says, "I want to be your left hand man." THAT IS SO CUTE. 

Oh I also love Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson, which Stefan tells me is only because it sounds like a Tegan and Sara song.

: I floss every day. Okay, not a confession. I'm bragging. Because for almost six months now I have flossed every single day, and I thiiink that's a world record. I'm actually really anxious to set up a dentist appointment, and I will be so upset if they don't ask me how often I floss or notice it themselves first.

Well didn't that feel great! Deep stuff. If you have your own blog or if you want to comment on this one, I highly recommend writing these things out. What are your confessions?

^^^ Here's an unrelated picture of our view of the super moon a few weeks ago. That bright light down at the bottom is trying to steal the show, but just ignore him.

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Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ahh! I love Riptide by Vance Joy. (I also think Michelle Pfeiffer is attractive, but not as gorgeous as lovely Lesa)

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