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August 06, 2014

Two of my very favorite girls came to Portland last weekend! Cat and I lived in the same building our freshman summer at BYU, then Meg and I were in the same dorm the rest of my freshman year. There was a brief stint where all three of us lived together, and we've always stayed good friends. These two drove all the way from Provo, which is quite the drive so props to them. It was so fun to act like I know this city and show them some of the best parts. We didn't take nearly enough pictures, and I really truly look awful in the only pictures I made it into.. But here they are anyway!

Cat and Meg made it to Portland just before dinner time on Friday. We spent our evening on NW 23rd street with dinner at Elephants Deli and ice cream at Salt & Straw. We did a little (window) shopping too, then hung out on the roof of our building while Meg used her Tide To Go on her shirt and the rest of us bounced between looking at our phones and yelling at everyone else to get off their phones.

^^^ I have been wanting to get a picture of one of these signs for weeks! I think they are hilarious, but also a little too graphic.

Saturday morning started off waiting in a much too long but always worth it line at Voodoo Donuts! I think we talked about The Mindy Project the whole time we waited in that line. I think we talked about The Mindy Project fifty percent of that whole weekend.

^^^ Kit Cat with the glittery wall.

After donuts we made our way to the Saturday Market where I bought a RUN PDX shirt and Cat bought some art. We also bought lemonades from two boys who could not have been any older than nine, manning their own booth at the market.. Great lemonade, though. We basically stayed on Burnside that whole day, spending lots of time in both Powell's - Meg and Cat both came away with new books! and Buffalo Exchange, hunting for second hand treasures. After lunch at the food trucks it was time for a good afternoon nap. That night after dinner at Por Que No? with Stefan, we girls drove out to Multnomah Falls. Needless to day, we left the house a little too late and it was dark by the time we made it there. We stood on the bridge for awhile, but no night time hiking for us.

^^^ Outside Por Que No? I asked Stefan if he wanted to share tacos with me, but we each ended up with two of our own. Still in love though!

After church on Sunday we packed up some snacks and books and blankets and headed to the coast! We walked into the water for three seconds - it was cold. But we also got to see a wedding on the beach and tons of kites! Plus we basically chased a man with a fancy camera across the beach to no avail. When I need a stranger to take a picture for me, I always look for someone who has a fancy camera in hopes that they're a decent photographer. But this one was on the move and we couldn't catch him, so we settled for another old man who did an okay job.

^^^ The wedding!

^^^ Ask me if this is my favorite picture of Meg. Yes. That's probably the only reason I included it.

That whole weekend was so fun! I'm not even afraid to say it, I needed a girls weekend. But having them here also made me really start missing Provo and everyone in it. Luckily we're headed back in three weeks!

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I want ALL of these photos, ASAP. Thanks again for letting us come! Also, I'm a little mad but at the same time not mad at all that you included a photo of me cleaning food off of my shirt. Classsicc Meg.

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