golf in the park

August 28, 2014

Okay maybe you'll think this is a lame post, but Stefan and I have so much fun playing this game so it has to be documented! Last weekend after a few thrilling round of crazy eights.. Stefan remembered how to play golf, which is undoubtedly more fun that crazy eights! Here's how we play it (lots of different versions floating around the internet. you know.):

Shuffle the cards blah blah blah. Each player gets four cards which they lay face down in a square in front of them. Each player looks at their own two cards laying closest to them. The goal of this game is to earn as few points as possible. like golf, duh erin.

Players take turns drawing new cards which they can use to replace their unwanted cards. You can draw from the deck or the top of the discard pile. During each turn, whether a player decides to use the card they drew or not, the player must flip over one of their cards. When a card is flipped over it becomes permanent, no more swapping it. So really each player only gets four turns, but we always play nine rounds. If you have doubles in your square, they cancel each other out - zero points! Kings are also worth zero. Aces are worth one, jacks and queens are ten, and a joker will cancel out your highest card. 

Maybe that didn't make sense to anyone, but I think it made sense to me. If it didn't make sense but you really really want to play this game, don't look it up online! Ask me to come teach you and play with you instead! I will and it'll be fun and I will bring snacks too.

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