heard on wednesday night:

August 15, 2014

"It's kind of like a cabin... but.. more whimsical."

"It's like a giant hobbit hole!"

This post will technically be one part Portland foodie report, one part how we celebrated our huuuge milestone on Wednesday. (SIX MONTHS OF MARRIAGE, IN CASE YOU MISSED IT.)

On Wednesday night Stefan and I went to dinner at McMenamins in Hillsboro. Stefan had been there once before with Intel people, and he's raved about it ever since (especially mainly ...he really liked the tater tots). There are lots of McMenamins restaurants in the area, but I think this one might be the coolest. It's kind of hidden out in the middle of nowhere, just off a quiet country road. You might even start to feel as if you're in the Midwest while driving there.. I did. I liked it.

We didn't get any pictures of our own at dinner, but since I knew Stefan would spit on this post if it had none so I took the liberty of stealing some from their website:

Whimsical, right? But cozy like a cabin. A nice place for a hobbit wedding? For the record, the tater tots were good. Partly because of the dipping sauces! We had the cajun: peppercorn ranch. They also use a lot of fresh, seasonal ingredients from local growers, which is very popular up here and very welcomed by us! I had a yummy bruschetta and Stefan had the El Diablo chicken sandwich - spicy.

After dinner we rode the aerial tram above the city! The tram's purpose is actually.. Well, here's a good explanation. So much internet stealing today:

"As many as 20,000 people a day visit Oregon Health & Science University's main campus on Marquam Hill. OHSU is Portland's largest employer, medical destination, and home of several medical schools. Marquam Hill is also home to a residential neighborhood, nature trails, and hospitals owned by Shriners and Veterans Affairs. However, from downtown Portland, Marquam Hill is accessible by just two two-lane roads. To keep Marquam Hill accessible, an ambitious solution was needed. After reviewing a few different options, the City and stakeholders determined a tram was the best possible solution."

But it's also fun just to ride, and totally open to the public to do so! We got there late enough that we definitely weren't in the way of anyone's commute. The view from the tram made Portland look so beautiful! The best views come when you're actually riding the tram, but pictures through that window weren't so great. Just trust me that if you ever come to Portland it really is something you should do! It's about a four minute ride and costs less than five bucks. It's also an extremely smooth ride, just a little (barely noticeable!) swaying as it reaches/leaves each dock.

^^^ the "upper terminal"

^^^ Attention: this picture is here solely because I know there are some people who read this blog who will enjoy it. Do you see how much I like you (Mom)? This is only for you.

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The Portland tourism council should hire you two, this looks beautiful and fun and it's very informative! And thank you for the picture of my beautiful baby girl! Miss you guys!

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