multnomah falls

August 04, 2014

This past week was busy for us! Last week Stefan and I both had hectic work schedules, then we had out of town visitors stay with us for the weekend. So in an effort to catch up on what's been going on around here, this is a post about something that feels as if it happened a month ago. It actually happened July 26th.

An easy forty minute drive can get you from our building to Multnomah Falls, Oregon's tallest and most popular waterfall. Although Stefan and I spent an extra twenty minutes or so circling the parking lot waiting for a spot to open up. We could tell from there that at one o'clock in the afternoon on a sunny Saturday in July, this place was going to be packed. It wasn't until we made it over to the lodge/restaurant area leading up to the falls that we both instantly felt as if we had walked into a theme park. (Disney's Animal Kingdom, in my opinion. So much greeen!) SO many tourists (and some locals I'm sure. Although not sure about which group we're in..) crowded around at the base of the falls and up on the bridge, mostly taking pictures and forgetting to actually look at the thing. We took our own fair share of pictures, then started the easy one mile hike to the top. The eleven switchbacks that seemed to get shorter and shorter weren't bad at all. Although the guy in front of us wearing flip flops might have disagreed.. We stopped at one of the switchbacks to eat the lunch we had packed, then took time at the top of the falls to feel the cool stream water and splash some on our faces. It's such a fun, beautiful hike! Definitely worth it, even with the crowds.

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Oh Erin, you are so cute! I just had a little spin through your blog and it cheered me right up. I wasn't even feeling down before, but now I just feel so much better! :) Jeff is from Oregon and we have our Mulnomah Falls pictures from our first year of marriage, too. You guys are adorable and I'm glad you could spend some time in the beautiful northwest. I miss it!

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