portland foodie report: last one

August 22, 2014

This is our last Friday in Portland, and there is so much food left to talk about! Mostly I just forget to take pictures, so I've been putting off writing these posts thinking I'll get pictures later.. well I probably won't because we're leaving soon! So, here are a few more "reviews" to make sure we have recorded forever just how many times we ate out this summer. Great!

Salt & Straw: This was actually one of the first places in Portland we ever tried! And not just because I live off ice cream; we went with friends from church! Their idea! We went one other time when Meg and Cat were in town, too. The homemade ice cream here is famous for its fresh, local ingredients and also it's.. unusual ingredients. Some of our favorites this summer were the honey lavender, honey balsamic strawberry with black pepper, and the snickerdoodle one. Snickerdoodle is also not one word!? I swear, blogging can really teach you a lot. The flavor we always decided not to try was the bone marrow and smoked bourbon cherries.. Yikes. So many of their wacky flavors taste delicious, but definitely not all of them. Carrot watermelon sorbet? Gross. Pear with blue cheese? Well it still had some blue cheese texture to it, so.. Gross. 

Food Trucks: Six blocks from our building is an entire square block lined with trucks. Lots of Asian foods, some Mexican, a waffle truck, crazy grilled cheeses.. I feel like we usually ended up with Indian food, but the one Belgian waffle I had was delicious and, according to Stefan, pretty legitimately Belgian-tasting. I ate it before I got to taste a real Belgian waffle last month. They were both waffles, so.. Yum.

>>> phoooone picturesss! <<<

^^^ My hair is so much longer than this now. Ask me about it. I love to talk about it.

Grassa: Pasta! This place had one of those menus where I didn't know half the words.. So I decided it was worth the girl's eye roll and asked! Actually she was really nice. I ended up with a yummy pasta dish covered in breadcrumbs and cheese! Yes, that's all I remember. I have a picture of Stefan's food too, but basically no information about it either. Ha. It had a lot more vegetables than mine and he loved it. The important part, is the garlic bread! As always.

The Original: Kind of a classy diner? They were out of their pineapple drink so instead I ordered the ginger mint.. GROSS. Stefan was all, "I didn't think you would like that.." but didn't stop me! The worst. Stefan had their creme brulee french toast and I had a.. burger. Surprise! We both left feeling very meh. Plus our waiter was rushing us all night. Not the best.

Killer Burger: Some friends from church invited us over for dinner and then ended up taking us out for burgers. My kind of people! I have two pieces of valuable information to remember for Killer Burger: 1 - If you are a girl (or not so hungry, whatever) the "girlie" size will be perfect. 2 - Try the burger with peanut butter on it. I was absolutely not interested in it, but we were persuaded so Stefan ordered one. It's not exactly Jiffy peanut butter straight from the jar - it's more of a warm peanut butter sauce and Stefan loooved it. I liked it. Good fries, too!

After this summer I seriously feel really confident that if someone asked for a good restaurant recommendation in Portland, I could give them one. Granted we never went to any really fancy places.. But we tried so many! Besides, I don't mean that feeling comfortable giving recommendations was my only motive in eating my way through this city. My motive was.. that I love food. And I didn't hate any of the places we tried, so I had a great summer! Except that ginger mint drink.. Give me a break.

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Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm very jealous of your food adventures in Portland. As I've complained before, I really wish Charleston/Mattoon has just a few more interesting and exciting options but then I realize if it did, I wouldn't just be 15 pounds overweight so maybe it's a good thing Chicago is a 3 hour drive away from me.

Love all the summer posts. Thanks for sharing your summer. It was a hoot!

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