seattle VIDEO

August 07, 2014

Everyone stop what you're doing to watch this killer video my talented husband made! Originally I wanted to make a video like this about our whole summer. But sometimes it's really hard to remember to always have your camera with you and record all the fun stuff you do.. We decided that maybe we could stick to that kind of plan just for one weekend, so we tried it out in Seattle! We both filmed parts of it, but Stefan did all the editing. He has always loved making movies, and I'm not saying this is his best one yet.. I'm just saying it's good and I hope you like it! (I've never had much luck posting videos on here so if you can't watch it, please someone tell me.)

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Love it! Five out of five stars. (I'd would have written six out of five stars but things like that annoy me; like giving 110%, etc.)

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