three pools

August 18, 2014

Turns out we saved one of our very best weekends in Portland for the end! Stefan and I had been trying to get to this place for weeks - we were drooling over the idea from the minute our friend told us about it. Finally we got a group of friends from church together and we made it! Three Pools is a little less than two hours from Portland. You don't even have to hike - just walk less than five minutes from the parking lot - to get to the natural, clear as can be, pretty darn cold pools. 

The main spot looked fun, but it was getting so crowded. Our friends who had been there once before led us to a quieter spot where we were basically alone all day. The deepest the pool went was maybe ten feet, and the water was so clear you could see all the rocks at the bottom. We had fun swimming around, jumping off a small rock (which I totally did, twice. there is one picture in existence that would prove it, but trust me that it's so awful you really don't want to see it.), and just chatting and snacking. It felt so nice to spend a day in the sun and believe it or not, Stefan and I didn't even get burned! On the way home we stopped at a middle-of-nowhere restaurant called Frothy Tops, mostly to investigate the name. We never did get the story on the name, just lots of milkshakes and a hot dog for my husband. Fine, I had a bite. Guys, I like hot dogs way more than I want to. I think I know how gross they are, but I really like them.

We had such a fun day with this group! The next night we had a little cookout with all of them, which was a great way for Stefan and I to get rid of some food before we leave. Not that that's all it was good for.. haha. We're really going to miss everyone we've met in Portland! It's bittersweet to think that this time next week we'll be on our way back to Provo. But in the meantime, here are the pictures:

These first three are from the section that was getting too crowded.

Then we made it to our spot!

^^^ Look at that clear water!

^^^ Our little campsite.

^^^ The rock path you had to cross to get to our spot. Time for us to get some water shoes.

^^^ I'm not sure who made that splash, but this helps you see the rock we jumped from. That small one on the very right edge.

Sometimes when people start that conversation about where in the world they most want to visit, I have to admit that one of things I want to do the very most is keep exploring America. This country is so huge and so diverse, and I love it. Also I love Oregon.

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