wednesday confessions: 2

August 20, 2014

Seeing as this is my second time confessing I decided it's time to give real credit where credit is due. Last time I mentioned that I stole this idea from my cute friend; well here's her blog! Wednesday confessions started with her and her confessions will always be the best.

: The worst part about nannying is that I can't nap while the baby sleeps on me. Every time I try, I twitch too much and wake her up.

: The past two days I have come home from work and eaten a lot of cookie dough. Yesterday I took a nap after the cookie dough binge.. Whether I'll nap today has yet to be determined. I'll probably do laundry instead.

: Fine, I downloaded Shazam. It has climbed it's way up to my top five apps really quickly.

 >>> cookie dough break <<< okay, I'm back.

: I will always like Taylor Swift's country music better, but she is so good at making fun of herself and Shake It Off is pretty cute. 

: I just deactivated my facebook account after thinking about if for roughly fifteen seconds. I realized that I never use it to keep in touch with people; I just creep on people I barely know anymore and waste a lot of time. I know some people are all, "don't deactivate it, just learn to manage your time better!" But I caaan't. I always tell myself I'll stop checking facebook so much, but I don't. Also lately I've been trying to be better at just calling or texting someone when I'm thinking about them or want to talk. And you guys, it is so great! I talked to two different friends this morning on the phone because I wanted to.

Laundry time!

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