August 11, 2014

Stefan and I had grand plans for an exciting hike with friends from church this past weekend. But when all the other couples bailed, our Saturday plans made a one hundred eighty degree turn. I'd say this picture serves as an accurate representation of our weekend:

We slept in on Saturday, then Stefan let me go back to school shopping! No sales tax in Oregon meant this shopping trip had to be done before we leave this place. Pictured above is probably one third of what I bought, BUT I (kind of) stuck to the budget Stefan and I decided on, plus I went to the best outlet mall and scored loooads of good deals. Yes, I went by myself. It was a forty minute drive and I spent a few hours shopping alone. I also listened to Taylor Swift the entire drive, there and back. Sometimes you're just in that kind of mood, you know? Just me? Hm. Besides, everyone knows I enjoy (need) a lot of me time, and Stefan gladly stayed home all day reading the book he stole from me and napping. I rented Unbroken from the library last week and made it to about page eighty before Stefan asked if he could read it too. One weekend later and I'm still on page eighty while he's nearly to three hundred! But it's okay, I just started reading Insurgent instead. Which by the way is a much quicker, easier read than that heavy WWII book.

Saturday night we went to the grocery store and bought a tub of ice cream, hit the drive thru at the McDonald's down the street (for the first time all summer!), then watched Dead Poets Society. Date niiight! On Sunday at church Stefan and I were both asked to teach in Priesthood/Relief Society again next week. We're still contemplating whether to combine the classes and team teach.. We also went out to my cousin Brian's house for dinner on Sunday! It was a great weekend, guys.


Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

"Sometimes you're just in that kind of mood, you know? Just me?" No, not just you. I think you get that from me sans Taylor Swift. Me? Steely Dan or maybe Crosby Stills and Nash (and Young). Plus, watching DPS just days (maybe hours) before Robin Williams tragic death was a nice early, albeit unintentional, tribute.

Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm all for a little alone time once in awhile. Singing my heart out (alone in the car) and "back to whatever" shopping are two of my favorite therapies. :)

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