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September 09, 2014

What is there to even say!? I feel like I haven't been blogging because I just don't know what I'm supposed to talk about! Being back in school has been keeping us busy. Not overly-exhausted-we-hate-school busy. Not yet. But our busy-ness level this past week has been pretty darn healthy. Healthy, but not awfully exciting. Just new classes, lots of books, reading and taking quizzes, blahhh blah blah.

The other reason I don't know what to talk about is because I don't have pictures and bleh - a blog without pictures!? I know I'm not the world's greatest photographer, but I do think it's nice to have something semi-decent to look at in the middle of all these words. 

But I don't carry a camera with me everywhere I go anymore! If I did, here are some of the pictures I would have taken last weekend that you would be looking at right now: 

: Stefan and I at the rooftop concert on Friday! The Brocks were our favorite local band of the night. Also hat night was the first time we ever tried to stand in the front of the crowd at a rooftop concert, and our recommendation is this: not worth it! I was almost smooshed to death and I couldn't see anything except the back of the kid standing in front of me. Really, just his back. I honestly think he was seven feet tall. So now you know - stay in the back, maybe bring a blanket and sit down, eat a snack, watch the goofy people dance.. just don't go up to the front. 

Ooh here's a picture from my phone, post-concert. We wanted ice cream, but also french fries. The Creamery has the best ice cream, but they close their grill so early! Obvious solution: McDonald's drive thru on the way to the Creamery. Look at all these tips I'm giving you people!

: Sixteen people (half friends, half strangers) crammed into a tiny Monticello apartment living room to watch BYU smoosh Texas on Saturday! Stefan and I brought the doritos and oreos. Only snacks that end in o's for us! (don't even ask, of course they were double stuffed (not the chips)).

: A Sunday dinner with Stefan's cousin and grandparents! That meal was probably.. eighty percent home grown. Stefan's grandparents' garden is out of control impressive and they are incredible cooks. I honestly ate more vegetables that night that I had during the past whole month of my life. And it was painless because they know how to make vegetables taste good!

So there's a look at our weekend! No need to bug me with motivation for better pictures and posts.. I already have ideas! (I literally just rewrote that sentence to avoid using the word "got" because my mom hates it. Actually rewriting sentences to avoid that word is something I do when writing just about everything I post. Sometimes I don't know how to avoid it, but at least I try!) Anyway, two weeks without any good posts means I've had lots of time to be thinking up some better ones, right? And don't be so quick to think I only try to write good posts for your entertainment. This is for posterity, didn't you know? ;)


Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thank you for making your posts so enjoyable to read. You not only have good grammar, you're a clever, funny and talented writer. And you seem to have a very interesting life. Keep it up! :)

Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Maybe the Creamy should have French Fry Ice-Cream. That would also be a solution. Not a good one but a solution. I love your posts. Keep them flowing.

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