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September 05, 2014

Safe to say Portland and Provo don't have a ton in common. And aside from the cities themselves being so different, our lives in each of them are also very different. That being said, this past week and a half has been fun as we've readjusted to life in our happy valley bubble. I've been thinking a lot about all the differences, so here we have a list:

: Over the summer, Stefan and I both got used to sleeping in a downtown, sixth floor apartment with all the windows open. We slept to the hum (sometimes loud crashes..) of the city, and the sun woke us up each morning. Now, in Provo, we're back in our basement apartment and quiet neighborhood. No noise and no sunlight streaming in each morning makes it so hard to wake up here!

: A seriously kind couple let us borrow a bed from them for the summer. ..a double bed. We were so grateful! And so happy to come back to our queen.

: Running at (basically) sea level is better than running in the mountains. Also, does everyone in Provo run!? It sure seems like it sometimes. I'm not mad about it. In fact it's really good for me. Take tonight for example. I was stopped at a light on University Avenue during my run. Another girl ran up to the corner and waited at the light with me. When the light changed and I took off again, I wasn't sure if the girl had crossed with me or gone a different direction. But I told myself she was behind me and that I wasn't allowed to let her pass me. After a mile or so I sneaked a look behind me aaaand no one was there. Turns out she went off a different direction at that light, but I ran a heck of a lot faster that mile!

: In Portland I spent time with an average of... probably three people each day. Stefan, my pretend baby, and my pretend baby's mom. Of course there were nights and weekends we spent with friends and every Sunday we saw lots of great people at church. But being back in Provo I have already seen so many people I love, and being on campus all week means I'm running into some of those people every day! It's refreshing, and knowing me I might be sick of it in a two weeks.

: We have homework again, sooo that's a thing.

: WE HAVE A BIG KITCHEN AGAIN. A tiny kitchen + no air conditioning + I never wanted to stock up on food because we were only living there for three months = I didn't cook a lot in Portland. But after Stefan almost passed out the other night because all he had eaten that day was a bowl of sugary cereal, a granola bar, and pancakes.. I decided it's time to start cooking real food again. IN OUR BIG KITCHEN.

: Oregon's speed limits were slooow.. And Utah's are so fast! The only downside is that in Portland we were always driving Stefan's car which could have actually gone fast if it had been legal. In Utah I'm back to driving my car which starts shaking when I tried to drive over seventy miles an hour. But don't get me wrong, I still love that I'm driving my car again.

So most of those made it sound as if I hated living in Portland.. I didn't! We both loved it. But I was ready to come back, and after a week and a half I'm still happy to be here! I haven't taken many pictures since we've been home though.. whoops. Happy weekend!

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