wednesday confessions: 3

September 17, 2014

: Last night I needed to read one chapter and take a quiz for one of my classes. I read the wrong chapter, threw myself a pity party, took the quiz anyway, and scored a ten out of ten. (Fine, yes. The quizzes are open book.)

: I'm eating a leftover milkshake for dinner.

: This school year actually isn't crazy enough yet to warrant me eating a milkshake for dinner. I just love ice ream! Sue me! Actually I really haven't had an appetite for anything but sugar for the last few weeks.. Someone tell me what's wrong.

: The Mindy Project season premiere was on the same night as our Ward Temple Night.. I was torn. In the end I didn't see/go to either one because Stefan was still sick and we both took an impromptu (very long) nap.

: I keep seeing these huge bushes with orange berries on them. I want to cut some off and bring them into my home to decorate but I can't decide if it's legal to go cutting up bushes that aren't mine..

: I haven't been blogging much because I feel like my whole life is just school and Stefan. So today I decided something.. Look out for upcoming posts about school and Stefan! Because if that's my life, that's my blog, people.


allielcox said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

sooo. I had a long(ish) comment typed up and for some reason it didn't post and now i cant remember a thing I said. something about how i dont blog either because my life is just work and my family. but hey! we'll just appreciate each other's blogs because neither of us have much to say these days. (also, I would make a joke about maybe you crave sugar because you're pregnant. but I dont know that we've reached a point where i can make that kind of a joke... so, oops. too far?)

ERIN said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

ha! I'm going to say based on how much I laughed, it wasn't too far. At least if it were true I'd have a good excuse for eating all this junk!

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