October 01, 2014

Happy October, weeee! Let's finish September.

One night last week Stefan came home and talked with me for about thirty seconds before he grabbed the camera, pinned me to the floor, tickled me relentlessly, and took a million pictures of it. Yes, the word you're looking for is torture. He wouldn't tell me why he was doing it, and I was so helpless. Every time I'm tickled intensely like that I legitimately fear it will never end and that is how I will die. Of course Stefan tells me, "It looks like you're having so much fun! You can't stop laughing!" oooookay, don't even get me started. Seriously I need to start working out and growing some muscles so I can fight back. 

^^^ Sorry for a gross nose shot and yes I have fillings, but this gives you a good idea of what the dozens of pictures look like.

Anyway, it turns out Stefan needed a picture for his Visual Communication class that captured real emotion. Comms majors..

^^^ taken during a brief break when Stefan needed to change a setting on the camera, but still kept me pinned.

On the other hand.. I love my husband. so I come home and do nice things for him. Like make dinner! Pinterest dinner! No tickling involved. How nice.

See I have this one professor who talks slowly, pauses a lot, repeats himself, and wastes a heck of a lot of time talking about unnecessary things. So on Monday when he spent - I kid you not - forty minutes rambling before starting his lecture, I opened my Pinterest app. My friend (we have three classes together this semester, in a row, Monday and Wednesday, lucky Jill) is always making great dinners, so I told her (she was sitting right next to me, first shared class of the day for us) I was going to look at her Pinterest recipe board. Before I could start, she told me she needed to show me the best recipe she's tried so far. Enter into my life Chubby Chicken Taquitos. <<< That is a link to the recipe. I think you'll want it.

I'm definitely still struggling as a cook. Mostly, I always take way longer to make a meal than the recipe says I will, and I always always always break a sweat. (I know, you're probably looking at the next picture thinking "take off your sweater!" and I did! I only put it back on for the photo op!) But Stefan did tell me this is his favorite meal I've ever made him. Were there healthy sides or a yummy drink included? Dessert? Nooope. But the recipe made a ton, so we had them again for dinner tonight, and that.. will have to count as a success.

Two different evenings, two different ways of.. showing love? I'll let you decide. 


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The Taquito's look yummy, kind of like chicken rolls in a tortilla. :) And I'm glad to see the Jimmy Johns cups are being used.

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