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October 07, 2014

I know, I bet you never could have guessed this is what I would blog about next. Unlike most LDS people, however, I did not make homemade cinnamon rolls this weekend. I stuck with what I know (Pillsbury) and they were great. But I did make one real meal on Sunday night! Some day I'll stop taking pictures of every real meal I make. Some day before that, I'll learn to take good pictures of every real meal I make. But today is neither of those days! So here are some bad pictures of a real meal I made.

Really I should start by saying that we had a great General Conference weekend. Twice a year our world-wide church holds General Conference where the Prophet, along with several other church leaders, share special messages they have spent weeks - probably months - praying over and preparing. We spend the whole weekend watching or listening to the broadcast of this conference that takes place Salt Lake City. Living in Utah the past few years, I feel really blessed to have been able to attend General Conference live multiple times. The whole weekend is so uplifting and really special to members of our church. Luckily we get to experience it twice a year - April and October! Anyway, I'm always so bad at explaining things.. Just go to lds.org! It's better!

This weekend, Stefan and I decided to lay low. We watched almost all the sessions right from our own home, made some good food, and saw some great friends. Naturally I didn't get any pictures when one of Stefan's mission companions came over, or when we met up with some of Stefan's friends from home for a barbecue.. But I did get pictures of the dinner I made Sunday night! I know, I need to get with it.

Let me just preface these pictures by saying that Stefan is so nice and (without me pressuring him to) agrees with me that those "prep time" estimates recipes typically provide are all nonsense. You tell me it'll take thirty minutes to make a meal and I guarantee it'll take me an hour and a half. I don't really know what my issue is, all I know is that it felt good when Stefan agreed with me that I don't have any issue. Those recipe creators do. Freaky fast cooking and I am not okay with it.

^^^ Stefan thought this was hilarious. That's why there are two pictures of it. And why there are lots more on the camera.. And here's the recipe

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I like this whole bit where you post recipes! it looks soooo yummy. also, I'm with ya on that whole prep time crap. I still fall for it though! I'll tell my husband "dinner will be ready in a half hour!" ...then at ten pm we are finally getting settled down to eat. Its pathetic.

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