"i'll just have a bowl of cereal or something"

October 10, 2014

Somehow this blog had a ton of views this week, and I feel awful because my most recent post was really.. blah. And I don't know, maybe you'll think this one is too. Anyway, I always always always wish I knew who these views come from. But then I tell myself it doesn't matter because this blog is first and foremost for me, it's my journal. But then I tell myself if people are going to read it, I should make sure they like what they're reading. And then I tell myself, who cares if they do! This thing is mine. So you can see how that all spins in perpetual cycle and, here we are.

Well, two weeks ago my wildest dreams came true. Ever since I moved to Provo way back.. over three years ago, I have wanted to go to Color Me Mine. It's one of those places where you choose a piece of pre-made pottery to paint. And I always felt as if every girl in Provo had been taken there on a date, except me. And probably none of those girls even appreciated it like I would! Fine I'll calm down.

So one of my classes this semester is called Event and Experience Management. I guess it's kind of an event planning class.. but probably not the kind you think of when you hear the words "event planning." So far we've talked about things like determining specific short, medium, and long-term outcomes you want for each experience/event you create. The best planning and evaluating processes. We talked about the six main elements that go into an experience. So it's a bit more legitimate study material than just talking about what kind of table linens and background music to use at a wedding reception. Not that I would complain if those were out topics of discussion.

Okay that was not a tangent, I promise. For that class we were required to participate in three different experiences, then write an analysis of each based on what we've learned in class. We needed an experience that fit into each of these categories: retail/restaurant, event/entertainment, recreation - requires active participation in a structured recreational experience provided by an organization. <<< sooo, Color Me Mine. Because sometimes when you really want something, you have to make it happen for yourself.

Days before we went, I told Stefan I was going to paint him a cereal bowl because THIS BOY LOVES CEREAL. I am always asking him throughout the day if he is hungry and what he wants to eat. His answer probably seventy-five percent of the time? "I'll just have a bowl of cereal or something." Word for word for word for word.

He told me to pick what I wanted him to paint for me, and we kind of both decided on one of those oil dispensers. Not because we're fancy and have any use for an oil dispenser (is there a better name for those?), but because my sister uses one for the dish soap at her kitchen sink and we thought it was a cute idea.

We were both a little intimidated, so in the end we stuck to solid colors and stripes. I really want to go back because I feel like now that I've done it once I could be a little more adventurous. But we had a ton of fun! And I love how our pieces turned out. The other end of our table was full of pre-teen girls who also thought our pieces looked really good. So did all their cats and penguins and teacups.

Guys, why don't places like this pay me to promote their business? Seriously, look at this post. Anyway, if you ever want to go to Color Me Mine I will very happily go with you. I even have a little Color Me Mine October calendar now that tells me when their special events and discount days are! (Because I'll be honest, it is a little pricey. You're going to want to know about the discount days.)


Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Those are very cool! You do remember the colors in my house, right? :)

chad said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sarah has been a few times and is almost a pro.

Sister Kristine Wait said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey Erin! You mentioned at the beginning of this post that sometimes you wish you knew where views were coming from so I just gotta say I'm one of those viewers. You have some great voice in your writing. It's kinda a funny story how I found this blog...(not to be creepy of course but) I'm the chick who replaced you at LDSP and your blog was always popping up on the favorites site every time I opened the internet. So one day I finally just clicked on it. I’m a fairly big fan of blogs so I’ll occasionally pop in when work is slow. P.s. Hopefully there aren’t any hard feelings I kept this position at LDSP. I kinda pieced together that you found a nice new job haha

ERIN said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Kristine, I love you for that comment! So funny. I guess it's no secret I read lots of blogs when I worked there too.. haha. And definitely no hard feelings about the job, I hope you're loving it!

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