lots of pictures of pumpkins

October 24, 2014

A long time ago - okay, like a week ago - we painted pumpkins! I have officially decided that painting pumpkins is two hundred times superior to carving pumpkins. SORRY. I'm not very good at carving pumpkins, and it takes a long time, usually I want to give up long before I finish, roasted pumpkin seeds are only okay, and it's messy. Messier than paint. So we painted and in the end my pumpkin was definitely the least cool, but oh well. 

Actually if I were forced to choose a favorite it would be a tie between the boys' pumpkins! Taylor painted a mountain masterpiece - complete with a sunset, Y mountain, lots of changing leaves, a river, a cabin/his dream home. And Stefan did a teenage mutant ninja turtle! Michelangelo? Who wears the orange mask? It actually turned out to kind of be a baby mutant ninja turtle, which in my opinion is even better.

^^^ My cute windowsill! Quite the view, I know.

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