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October 22, 2014

This may be the best thing I've ever posted. First things first, last week Stefan was accepted into the advertising program at BYU! because he is the bessst. He is also the best because he already gave me permission to post about all this without even knowing what I'll say! Perfect.

Sometimes Stefan's creativity and imagination are so out of control impressive I don't know what to do with myself. He's also kind of a risk taker. I like that. 

The application for the advertising school included a portfolio and a video. I'll.. have to post the video later maybe. So originally he started on this really aesthetically pleasing portfolio with a kind of tram line map theme. The cover said "Central Station" and then different colored "tram lines" led to different parts of the portfolio. Then one day in the car he goes, "If I were to start all over with my portfolio, I would make it a portfolio about me through the eyes of someone different.. Like the neighborhood raccoon." So he did! Not quite as sleek looking as the first option, but still so incredibly well done. I'm not sure if the quality and size of these pictures will allow you to read the portfolio or not, but either way I'll tell you right now it is so clever and hilarious. I'll do my best to walk you through it.

^^^ "Billiam" (William) Christiansen was Stefan's professor for one of the advertising pre-req classes.

^^^ The portfolio requirements for this page included a picture of the applicant and a story from their childhood that proved they would make a successful advertiser. Not sure how Rocco got a polaroid camera..

^^^ "Standing by for leftovers." hahahahaha, it's too much.

^^^ This page needed to show examples of projects from the pre-req classes. But of course the neighborhood raccoon was compiling this portfolio on his target human completely from items found in the trash.. I guess Stefan threw away his diary! An accident, I'm sure.

^^^ More project examples.

^^^ Then the portfolio required applicants to answer some silly questions, just to show more creativity I think. Listening to Stefan brainstorm ideas about how a raccoon would ponder his "deep thoughts" was a highlight of this whole process for me.

^^^ The last page was a free for all, so Stefan included a letter of recommendation from his manager at Intel. Tom Robinson is one of the professors on the committee that decides who gets into the program.

I hope you at least some parts were big enough to read.. If not, get a bigger zoom! It's worth it, I promise.


missy said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow!! Congrats to Stefan!! His portfolio is so clever and funny! No wonder he got in. :) Advertising was my major at BYU for an entire semester way back when. It sounded like such a great major until I realized I wasn't very good at it... Obviously, it's a great fit for Stefan!

Nathan said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This was hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Tell Stefan congratulations. I love this concept. He'll go far in advertising which is good since we need more truly clever, funny people and fewer who think crude and obscene are funny. Plus, he has a clever, funny, artistic wife at his side who supports all his creative shenanigans.

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