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October 26, 2014

I know a lot of people who read this blog belong to the same faith I do, but I also know quite a few people who read it and don't. So any time I want to write about something church- or faith-related, I try my best to explain anything that may be unfamiliar to someone. Although most of the time I feel like I really butcher my explanations... I hope they help a little. Thank goodness I'm able to include links that will take you to sites with much better explanations than mine! (also anyone can always ask me questions! or, ask the missionaries.)

So, that being said:

Over the summer, Stefan and I were asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting about our relationship with Jesus Christ. When I heard the topic I instantly thought about how my relationship with Christ is based on and strengthened daily by His unwavering love for me. I decided to base a lot of my talk on President Monson's message from General Conference last April. His talk was titled "Love - the Essence of the Gospel." Then today in Relief Society our lesson focused on this same message! I love it so much that I really want to share it here.

(^^^ links galore! click that one about love especially. ooh please please please read it.)

Today during our lesson everyone started sharing examples of times they have seen love being expressed. There were so many ladies willing to share that I never had the chance to tell the story that kept circling around in my head. So now I'm writing it here!

During Thanksgiving break a few years ago I went with my Dad to help with a service project our church was doing. We teamed up with someone.. the local fire department maybe? to deliver food to some people in need. I honestly can't remember if the people were members of our church or not.. This whole memory is pretty vague, except for this one important part that has stuck with me. 

So my dad and I were out delivering turkeys to all the people on our list, and then we knocked on the door of one house only to find the woman we were looking for had moved. The woman who answered the door was very friendly, but her name wasn't on our list. So I'm standing there thinking, "Well we've got a list here and we need to find all the people on it. She isn't on it, so let's take our turkey and go find the next person." My dad on the other hand... is a much better person than I am. He was so friendly to that woman we didn't know. He wished her a Happy Thanksgiving and gave her the turkey! He didn't care that she wasn't on our list, that we didn't know her. He wasn't only concerned with serving people who "made the list." He was such an example to me that day, and this is probably the first time he's hearing about it. Hi, Dad!

I think that's the beauty of really loving other people, though. A lot of times the people with the biggest hearts, those who love and serve the most, may not even realize what they're doing. Maybe they do. But either way, it seems to come so naturally to them. I know it comes naturally to our Savior. That's one reason He is our exemplar, just one of the ways He is perfect.

I know I'm not perfect. I know a lot of people will probably read this post and think I'm such a hypocrite for talking about love and service. Because there are plenty of times I haven't shown love when someone needed it, plenty of times I chose not to serve because I was too selfish. But it's messages like this one from our Prophet, and the examples of people like my dad and my Savior, that make me want to be better. These things are what help me constantly strive to have that love in my heart for the people around me. 

So I hope you took or will take the time to read that message from President Monson, even if you have read it before. It's one of my very favorites, and I promise you'll feel uplifted as you read it.

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Hi, Erin! I think about that service project often. It was a great start to the Thanksgiving season. It's taken time to sink in, but one thing I've learned is that service comes in unexpected ways all the time and doesn't always go according to planned (or to the list). I should have realized this soon from the example of Jesus. He "free-styled" all the time in his service to other. Great post. Thanks. [Sorry for the two deleted post. I should be better at proof reading.]

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