we love lagoon

October 31, 2014

The best part of this girls trip to Lagoon might have been Lindsay walking around with her arms in the air all night yelling "WE LOVE LAGOON!" But we really do, so sometimes I joined her in the yelling.

Stefan loves theme parks and roller coasters, but he doesn't love Lagoon. He says it costs too much for rides that are pretty lame. And that's probably all true.. So that's why the past twenty times I've asked him if we could go to Lagoon (Utah's only theme park, I'm pretty sure..) he always said no. BUT, I had been literally craving a roller coaster ride for months. And then we all got in for half price! So no, Stefan didn't come. Frightmares Girls Night it is! I paid twenty-five dollars for six hours of short lines, (I think) fun rides, and a just-scary-enough-but-not-too-scary haunted house. Seriously it was the perfect amount of good rides, scary halloween stuff, perfect October weather, and coat pockets full of skittles. 

And I look a little weird or am barely visible in most of these pictures, but here they are anyway! 
Happy Halloween!
^^^ You can't pass on the swings! Even when the only friend in short sleeves really wants to go to the car to get her coat.. And the flying around on the swings makes her even more freezing.. AND the swings are right by that little pond so the water makes everything more cold.. No really, love the swings. 

^^^ PS, don't ride this one unless you want extreme vertigo. This was the first theme park ride that made me feel really old because I just couldn't handle it.

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