wednesday confessions: 4

October 29, 2014

: Life is all about the litte things, you know? Like how the other day I realized the $8 frying pan we bought from Burlington Coat Factory is the best frying pan I have ever had or used. That realization was so satisfying. I guess the only confession there is that I bought my frying pan at a "coat store"... I had store credit! And really, that store should change its name, it sells everything.

: I've come to realize that one of my biggest fears is sneezing while I'm driving. Especially when I'm in lots of traffic. I don't have time to close my eyes! I'm driving a car!

: You know we've hit the middle of the semester because Stefan and I have this conversation just about every morning: "What day did we decided we would stay home from school all day, eat snacks, and take naps? Was it today?" So on Monday we might have done that.. but only for part of the day.

: We also went on a date on Saturday.. here's the photo evidence. #dinnerandamovie

: We ate at El Azteca for basically one reason. Remember how Stefan and I kind of met in ECON110? Well the professor who taught that class was always using El Azteca in his examples. Always. Every class. So Stefan and I joke about it all the time, but we had never actually eaten there! Now we have and the food is just okay.

: We also watched Casper... that movie is so weird. 

: Also I finally filled my Honeydukes jar with candy! My mom always has decorative little jars full of candy in her house. Hers are "only for decoration." (we still eat all the candy.) But I've decided mine are for equal parts decorating and eating. Mostly for lack of self-control.

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