austin + molly adopt

December 16, 2014

My older sister and best friend and her husband are hoping to adopt! (I swear there are only two people in that sentence.. "older sister and best friend" is one human.) Anyway, I was sitting here for a while thinking about how to start this post, and I decided to just put it all out there in the first sentence. So there it is! Yay! Austin and Molly are going to be incredible parents, and I can say that because I've basically already seen it. They both spend a ton of time with kids, and these two are fun, creative, silly, hilarious, caring, sympathetic, understanding, and stern when they need to be. 

Molly nannies full-time between three different families right now, and she has worked with several other families in the past. This girl knows how to handle kids. Oh, and love them too. ;) Also I know from first hand experience that she's an incredible listener, expert advice giver, gentle opinion-offerer, and frankly already too motherly for her own good. Molly never stops doing absolutely everything she can think of to take care of other people. She is always going above and beyond and out of her way to make your bad days turn into good days, your special occasions feel extra special, your big news even more exciting than you realized. 

Austin is so hardworking, so patient, and so kind it's almost unbelievable. Also I am so good with adverbs. But really, even though I haven't known Austin my whole life like I have known Molly, I've still got a pretty good feeling about this guy. I watch him play with and care for our nieces and nephews, and it is almost unreal but mostly adorable how much they all love him. Way more than they love me, and I'm fine with it. I feel like Austin is always up for anything. You need someone to fix something, someone to help cook dinner, someone to entertain your kids? Austin will do it, and he'll do it better than anyone.

These two are definitely ready to welcome a sweet baby into their family. Unfortunately, we all know adoption can be a long, tiring, expensive, and stressful road. Absolutely anything you can offer these two beautiful people - prayers, positive thoughts or vibes, financial assistance, advice, sharing their story - is so appreciated. Trust me, they deserve it all and more. And thank you to all those who have already shown such incredible generosity. I know Molly and Austin have felt very loved since sharing their big news, and that means so much. Feel free to check out their adoption blog and fundraising website to see more pictures of their pretty faces and learn more about them!

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