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December 17, 2014

My birthday celebrations were a bit spread out this year (NO COMPLAINTS) so I really need to hurry up and write about a few things before I forget everything we've done the past couple weeks! On my real birthday, Stefan and I were staying with some kids while their parents were out of town for a few days. They all let me sleep in a little while Stefan made my favorite breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes with strawberry syrup and whipped cream - and all the kids who weren't at early-morning seminary helped make this cute happy birthday poster. The rest of the day was pretty packed with classes and homework (homework, homework, homework, I swear that last week of classes right before finals is the worst week of all!) and getting the kids where they needed to be or doing what they needed to be doing. Honestly, Stefan did all of that kid stuff. The whole time we stayed with them, Stefan was a dream. He cooked, he cleaned, and seriously all kids love him so everything worked out really great for me to be able to get a couple really big projects finished. 

Last week we had a combined birthday party! A Chicago Bulls Finger Painting Birthday(z) Party. It was a special kind of party - complete with Bulls colored streamers and kind of mint green? balloons; leftover styrofoam cups, hot chocolate, and mini marshmallows from our wedding; dollar store raffle tickets and prizes; finger painting and watercolors; those cracker sticks and cheese from when you were five years old; and of course, Space Jam. That night the Bulls beat the Trail Blazers and the Toon Squad beat the Monstars so happy birthday to us!

^^^ Threw this one up here just for Catherine. Everyone comment and tell her how pretty she is. You can also notice in this picture we had all moved into our "abstract" finger painting stage of the evening.

My really sweet boss brought me this giant cupcake on my birthday! At first glance I thought it was a penguin, one hundred percent. I don't know how I missed the big smile or the twigs for arms sticking out of the sides, but if you do ignore those things can't you kind of picture the penguin? Anyway, it is definitely actually a snowman. BUT the seven-year-old girl from the family Stefan and I were watching the week of our birthdays also thought it was a penguin at first, so at least that makes two of us.

AND THEN! Stefan kept telling me I was getting one more birthday gift, but I would have to wait a while for it. He also told me we needed to go to the mall to pick it up. I thought maybe he wanted to get me a watch or purse or something, but wasn't sure which one exactly so he was going to let me choose from a few options. Instead my lifelong dream came true! Not kidding. I have wanted to build a bear for years. At first Stefan took me to H&M and started doing exactly what I had guessed. "Well, shopping for you is so hard.. So pick out a couple things you really like and then we'll buy one for your birthday." So I'm all excited, checking out this cute skirt. And then, "Oh wait, what's that? What's over here?" Across the hall? Build-A-Bear. Sneaky little thing. So then I was giddy. And well, I usually like to keep it real with the picture quality on this blog anyway, so today is no exception. Stefan took a million pictures during our bear building process, and most of them are blurry because it was all too much! Also I kind of look like I'm going to cry in this first one. No regrets. It was so fun!

^^^ I chose a bear, of course. Not a pony or a bunny or whatever other non-bear creatures they offer..

^^^ Watching the bear being stuffed. I even got to press the pedal that I don't think actually did anything! Also the employee had Stefan and I both make a wish and both put a heart in the bear, which was only a little weird. Extra long life for this furry friend with two hearts, I guess! We decided not to put any sound makers or actual heart beats in our bear...

^^^ His first bath

^^^ Wardrobe shopping

^^^ The cute sweater option that just barely lost!

^^^ Trying on his cut little red shirt

^^^ Gotta make it legit. Name and birth certificate. Even though we made him today, I changed his birth date to match mine.

^^^ We named him Teddy because he's blond like Stefan and one time my nephew thought Stefan's name was Teddy. 

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday wonderful! Stefan obviously received tons of shout-outs in this post, but he deserves them all and more. We also had an awesome birthday dinner party with my sister and her family, I opened so many incredible gifts and cards and e-mails and text messages, and I think only one person mentioned that Taylor Swift song to me! Happy birthday to me!

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I love your bear and his name is perfect. I hope you're bringing him to Illinois. It sounds like a fun birthday week celebration and a great kick-off to an amazingly fun December.

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