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December 08, 2014

I had a really hard time waiting to put up Christmas decorations and listen to Christmas music this year. And not even because I actually wanted to do those things early! But because everyone else was starting so early and I felt some sort of weird, not really existent peer pressure to do the same. Everyone was posting pictures of their Christmas trees during the first week of November saying "sorry not sorry" "oops" and I felt like I should be doing the same thing because I do love Christmas, and I was excited for the trees and music and nativities. But I have to be honest with myself here, it does not feel right to me to start Christmas things until after Thanksgiving. 12:00am on Black Friday? Good to go, bring on Christmas. But I just can't do it any earlier! I even gave it a try, changing the radio in my car to the Christmas music station and setting up my nativity before we left for Arizona (I only really put it out because I finally threw away our painted Halloween pumpkins and that windowsill was bare and lonely.) But, I felt like a traitor and I have officially declared myself a Christmas-starts-the-day-after-Thanksgiving girl for the rest of my days. So the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the rest of the decorations went up! It is Christmas in our basement! And our hearts, of course..

My sister gave me this great fake tree a few years ago, and I love it! It's a good size and really easy to set up. Stefan and I only have two ornaments, both from my mom. One has the Provo temple (our temple!) etched into it and the other one is a cute, fat santa with a bell in his tummy. We (maybe I..) decided not to go buy a bunch of ornaments just to fill the tree. I like that we only have two! I hope we slowly collect more over the years and they can all mean something special to us. Also I was going to make a star, but first I threw a santa hat on top of the tree just to kind of be funny, and we both decided to keep it. 

One Sunday Stefan and I went through the church hymn book and picked out lines from Christmas hymns we really liked. I wanted to make some little Christmas signs to put around the house, and I wanted them to be about Christ. So this is the first one I made! Complete with a sweet DI frame I already had and two little battery-powered candles Stefan found in the closet.

I love my little nativities! This first one was an awesome Christmas gift from last year, and I was so excited to set it out for the first time. It even came with a little book full of ideas for great Christmas traditions to start with your family. The second nativity came all the way from Israel! My sweet friend Meg brought it back for me after her semester at the Jerusalem Center.

And of course some potpourri from my mama. I think she sent it to me two Christmases ago, but I still have it. Maybe my roommates never wanted me to use it, but I want to this year! It seriously smells like Christmas, it is pure magic. The cute print was a gift for all the girls in our family a few years ago. I was especially excited to put it up this year because I am actually going home for the holidays! I think I have only celebrated Christmas in my hometown once or twice because every year my family would pack up and head to Utah for the whole break. Don't get me wrong, I loved going to Utah. I'm really going to miss spending time at each of my grandparents' homes this year. But I am also SO excited to be in Illinois! I'll get to be at my best friend's wedding, I'll get to open gifts around my mom's perfectly decorated Christmas tree, I'll get to see my brother's cute family, I'll get to go to church in my home ward, I'll get to eat my mom's food, I'm so excited!


Austin and Molly said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

OPEN THAT BAG OF POTPOURRI! It smells so yummy! Also, your home is adorable. I seriously love it!!

Lesa Emmett said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Your Mama is pretty excited to have you home for the holidays! I can't wait for our full house of Christmas cheer!

Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love your decorations and the hat on top of the tree idea is stellar.

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