stefan: twenty-third edition

December 02, 2014

Stefan turned twenty-three! His adorable blond head has made it around the sun twenty-three times! The big twooo-threee! His Michael Jordan birthday! Sing it with me: "Nobody likes you when you're tweeeeenty-threee!" (Just kidding, that last one is not true. But it is the only song I know that has a line about being twenty-three, so I've done my best here.) 

The day of Stefan's birthday I woke up early and decorated! Duh! I know what you're thinking: "Does Stefan really care about all your decorations? Enough for you to lose sleep over them?" Maybe not. Well, he said he appreciated all my hard work and that it all made him feel really loved because he could tell I was trying so hard. And maybe it's true that his birthday would have been just as great without the decorations.. But hear me out! His birthday last year was a little lame because we were driving home from Illinois. So this year I asked him what he really wanted on his birthday. Not gifts, I've had those planned for forever. Things like, what did he want for breakfast? What kind of cake? Dinner at home? At a restaurant? With friends? When did he want to open presents? In my family recreation class we've talked a lot about traditions and how you have to combine or compromise on some when you get married. So since this was our first birthday celebration as a married couple, I wanted to make it what he wanted! I couldn't have him waking up and saying, "Where are the breakfast burritos!? My family always eats breakfast burritos on birthdays!" And then I'm standing there burrito-less! His family doesn't actually do that. I don't think.. But if they did, and he still wanted to, I needed to know! So, all of that being said... I made sure I did everything he requested (not much), and then I added a few things I was just sure he forgot to request. Of course he forgot to request a custom chalk sign and banner display above the sink! It wouldn't have been a birthday without them! ;)

So I bought him some fresh donuts from Provo Bakery for breakfast, and then he opened two presents before school. TWO. Look at all the presents in this picture! His self-discipline was out of control. I don't think I have ever chosen to ration my birthday gift opening throughout the day. But I did have a lot of fun getting his gifts. I don't think any of them were incredible (I am legitimately not a very good gift giver, but I'm working on it), but I think he liked them! We set a budget for each other's birthdays, and I mostly stuck to it. I was able to get him six gifts! Yeah some were small, but he opened six presents! Plus some others from people who are not me. Actually I'm cracking up because in this next picture, the purple and white bag on the right is from his grandparents. But the bag is totally empty because their gift is sitting in the background of the picture.. That jar of chocolate and caramel covered macadamia clusters. hahaha

Oh, and yes we have already decorated for Christmas, but don't pay attention to any of it because I haven't dedicated an entire post to it yet! We're all out of order over here. Where's that Halloween post anyway? Yikes. 

Around lunch time Stefan and I drove through Sodalicious then headed home and played some cards and bananagrams before I went back to school. That night some of Stefan's best friends met us at Bruges Waffles & Frites for dinner. We all had what Stefan was having so as to be auth-en-tic. Frikandel and frites! Baaasically it's a sausage on fries with yummy sauces, but way better than you're imagining it. Oh and I had a Dr. Pepper at dinner which made two for the day, and no I did not fall asleep easily last night. Thanks to everyone who made it to dinner, and special thanks to Stefan's dad who picked up the bill! That's why I splurged for the Dr. Pepper. ;) Kidding! Stefan said I could! And two winky faces in one post!? Woof.

After dinner Taylor came over and we all ate lots of scotcheroos while the boys watched Drive (Stefan is stocking up on edited rated-R movies these days, but I usually still don't like them. I am happy and not embarrassed to admit I'm basically just a chick-flick kind of girl. So thank goodness for friends!) and I did homework. Oh and then I wanted a picture with my birthday boy, and here is what we got:


Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Fun post. It sounds like you did a great job making his MJ birthday a memorable one. By the way, I loved the lines " "Where are the breakfast burritos!? My family always eats breakfast burritos on birthdays!" And then I'm standing there burrito-less!

allielcox said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

haha i love this. i took waaay too long of a break from the blogging world! but i love this. also, chick flicks... i love them too. the cheesiness is just so great. the worse, the better. if that makes sense. happy 23 Stefan!

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