arizona getaway

January 26, 2015

Stefan and I made it back to Utah early this morning after a fun weekend in Arizona with his family. We loved meeting our new niece and nephew - twins! - and having the whole van de Graaff family together. I got to go on a little shopping trip with the girls first thing, then the rest of the weekend we had family pictures taken, ate tons of great food, visited Butterfly Wonderland, took some really great naps, snuggled tiny babies, played games, went for a walk, went to church where Stefan's brother gave both his new babies the sweetest blessings, made a fire and some s'mores, and loved not wearing coats and boots for a whole weekend in January. Was that a run-on sentence? 

Anyway I have four pictures to prove it all, and considering we were there for two and a half days I'm calling it all a success!

^^^ Not our baby. Although I'm sure these twins would love some more cousins.. ha.

^^^ Some people were really excited about all the butterflies landing on them (mostly everyone) and some people were not excited about all the butterflies landing on them (well, me).

^^^ Snoozy boys! Somebody's going to be a cute dad someday.

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