charleston: best friend's wedding

January 12, 2015

All these pictures just hit facebook, which means I feel like I'm allowed to post them here too. Fingers crossed I'm right!

Continuing with Christmas break posts.. We made it to Charleston on December twentieth and on the twenty-first one of my life-long best friends got married! I know I've written about Ashley on here in the past because I feel like I always tell the same story. About how we were in the same first grade class, and one night we had a sleepover at my house. It must have been spring time because we had made bunnies out of paper and cotton balls in school that week, so naturally we made more bunnies out of paper and cotton balls at our sleepover... Ashley probably thought I was some weird bunny fanatic, but luckily I guess she didn't mind!

I feel like we might have drifted apart from first to seventh grade.. Those years where you're mostly just friends with whoever is in your class at school. But in middle school we both made the dance team, re-became best friends, and haven't drifted since! We spent tons of time in high school studying together, working on the yearbook staff, driving around listening to Taylor Swift and drinking Dr. Pepper, playing Guitar Hero and eating those frosted oatmeal cookies we all loved.. 

Ashley and Isaac's wedding was beautiful. First of all, I loved that it was a winter wedding and so close to Christmas. It made all their decorations magical and awesome. Also, I'll admit I haven't been to a lot of weddings. So being there for their ceremony was not only awesome because Ashley is my best friend, but also because it was beautifully centered on God and the unity Ashley and Isaac were forming between all three of them. It was a really neat opportunity for me to reflect on what marriage is all about. My favorite part - wait I have two favorite parts. My first favorite part was when Ashley braided three different colored ropes together. One rope for God, one for Ashley, one for Isaac, to symbolize their union. That was beautiful. My second favorite part was their personally written vows to each other. They were a perfect representation of their own personalities - a lot love and only a little teasing.

^^^ Some of our yearbook staff with our lovely adviser. I loved catching up with a lot of great friends! Heaven knows I barely spoke to the bride that day, as it usually is with weddings. But it was fun to spend the day with friends from home I hadn't seen since.. probably two thousand eleven. Also Stefan was the best sport to spend the whole day with lots of people he didn't know who were mostly talking about people and places and memories he also didn't know.. 

And I can't post all these pictures without giving credit to the photographer! The cute girl next to me in that last picture was always the best photographer on the yearbook staff so I'm glad she's still taking pictures ;) And lots of pictures. And lots of good pictures. Here are some links to more of her work!

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