charleston: friends christmas

January 09, 2015

For the.. fifth? year in a row, one of my very best groups of friends held our annual Christmas/one time it happened over Thanksgiving break Dinner + Secret Santa Exchange! We always go to Alex's house, Alexa always makes the main course for dinner, Lorena always brings a salad, I... always show up! I mean I usually do a dessert, but usually everyone else does too. I'm awful. Well this year was ugly sweater themed, and for the time ever... significant others were invited! oooooh

But even though they were invited, we didn't include them in our Secret Santa? hahaha, so rude of us. Luckily two of them took matters into their own hands the day before the party and decided to each bring a gift for each other and a gift for Stefan! That's right, my lucky husband walked away with two gifts and he didn't even give one. But that is because my friends are really sweet, not because Stefan is not.

^^^ Per tradition, after a gift is opened the giver and receiver must hug. And it must be documented. This dinner is alllll about traditions. 

I love love love this dinner party every year. All these friends are just such good people. They are all intelligent, hilarious, kind, and loyal. I love every chance I get to see them. Alex has all the group pictures we took in front of the trees (tradition), but I think these select few pictures from our camera capture the evening pretty well. Lots of eating, some seriously thoughtful gift giving, tons of laughing, and way more eating.

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