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January 07, 2015

Day three, and this semester is already in full swing, people. Except that most of my books have not yet arrived in the mail which means I simply cannot read my assigned readings which means I am doing this instead! Just today I was thinking about how I haven't posted about a lot of things I want to, and how this semester is going to be so busy. And I decided maybe this semester the goal will be to post every Friday, the one day I have no work and no classes. And yet, here we are on a Wednesday night. A night when I usually will definitely not post this semester, because we have our work events every Wednesday night. So this is not how things will be. But today it is.

Also this is going to be one of those posts where I just say a lot of things. But I haven't done that in a long time, I don't think. So anyway, don't be annoyed. Maybe I should use twitter more, instead of letting all these thoughts pile up in my head until I am forced to write one of these posts. Although I am, if anything, trying to use less social media rather than more, so I'll keep twitter on the back burner for now. Back burner, two words, who knew.

The other day I was driving up Provo canyon, and I just thought, wow. This is so beautiful! Everything was covered in snow, and the sky was overcast, the roads weren't particularly busy, so it all felt very peaceful somehow. And I thought, I hope everyone in Utah County (and people from other counties, too! Although I do consider them less obligated.) drives this canyon while it looks this way and really appreciates it. All of us want to travel the world and see breathtaking scenes, well we have a million of them right here, everyone! Let's take advantage of this place.

I am taking a beginning piano class this semester, and it is already the best. My teacher is an older, very lovable, grandfatherly-type man. His subtle grandpa humor has me laughing out loud, and I just really, really like learning to play the piano. On a side note, if anyone in Provo wants me to come practice on your piano every day, let me know.

A few nights ago I decided to take some of my birthday and Christmas gift cards on a little shopping spree by myself. (Probably my favorite way to shop, sorry everyone.) I bought a whole new outfit at Forever 21 and the new (well, newest. Sorry I'm probably the last girl in the twelve to twenty-five age group to own it) Taylor Swift CD and some new paintbrushes from Walmart. I wore my new outfit the very next day, but I've only listened to the first four songs on the CD because I am a chronic song repeater and I really like number three. 

So last semester I really liked most of my classes. This semester I'm back being forced to take three business classes, and I am already suffering from a lot of anxiety. Here is something about me: I don't always think quickly. I really have to take my time with a lot of things. Stefan knows. Poor Stefan. He will ask my opinion on something, and I seriously won't be able to form one for ten minutes, a day, two weeks. I think I feel caught off guard, or put on the spot. Sometimes it really stresses me out. Sometimes I'm just really indecisive. Anyway, this semester I'm in an ethics class, and I just cannot think quickly enough for it! People raise their hands to voice all these opinions, and they all make great points, and I can't wrap my head around it all, and then I get home an hour later and I think I've maybe finally possibly decided on my opinion. hmph. Wish me luck.

I think that's all I have for now.. I promise (myself) the next post will be about Christmas! And have pictures!

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