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January 01, 2015

haaaappy new year! I definitely want to post about our awesome Christmas break, but until I have the energy for that, here's this. A new year's post. With no pictures. Not sorry! I just reread my 2014 new year's post, full of goals, some achieved, some not. It's kind of funny to look back on your idea of what the year would be and then compare it to what the year actually was. Stefan and I had set some religious goals, and I'm not too proud to say we kind of slacked off. Okay actually that was a little painful to type. We have no excuses! But we do have some good ideas about how we can do better this year. I also set a goal to keep running, and I did that for a good part of the year. I definitely met my goal of reading more - I read more books for fun this summer than I had the past few years all combined. I'm still trying really hard to work on my goal to serve more, specifically in my calling at church. These nine year old cub scouts are really making me work for it.

The past couple years I have also joined the bandwagon of people choosing one word to be their personal theme for the year. My word of the year for 2014 - gosh I hate typing digits in the middle of sentences - my word for two thousand fourteen was thoughtful. Heaven knows I'm not going to talk about all the times I was extra thoughtful this year, because half of you would say I was bragging and half of you would say I was lying. The truth is, I feel great about choosing that word and continually thinking about it all year and most importantly acting on it. I can see in myself that I really did improve, and it feels great. And I am not bragging, and I am not lying. 

It's likely that I owe some of that learned thoughtfulness from to these ten and a half months of marriage. I hope everyone becomes more thoughtful after ten and a half months of marriage. That seems about how things are supposed to go. I know I also owe some of it to that phrase we hear so often in the LDS church, "Never suppress a generous thought." Never, don't do it! You just feel awful when you do. Keeping that phrase in the front of my mind all year helped me so much.

So, two thousand fifteen: hi. Two nights ago I was lying in bed thinking of what my word for this year should be, and one word hit me pretty hard and very quickly. Diligent. Right now I feel as if I already have a lot of important goals on my plate. A lot of worthy goals that aren't getting enough attention. I want to study the scriptures every day, I want to pray more often and more sincerely, I want to eat healthier and exercise regularly, I want to be a good student, I want to create pretty things. All of those are great, but all of those have also been on my to-do list for an awfully long time. This year I want to diligently work toward these perhaps typical and not so exciting goals, but goals that mean a lot to me and deserve my attention.

Diligent: constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything: pursued with persevering attention.

I want to go all in with these goals, where up until now I've only been going part way. I don't want to go half way this year. Go big or go home, you know? Work hard, play hard, people.

Does anyone else out there choose one word like that? Did anyone else choose a similar word or make a similar resolution? I really do like the feeling of starting a new year. Like even in that kind of way where I'm ready to tear apart the whole house tomorrow cleaning and throwing junk away. It just feels good to start fresh. So here's to you, two thousand fifteen: the year I learn to work diligently on the goals I've always cared about most.


Denise said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Dear Erin! I love you...PERIOD! I think you are already diligent, but hey....who of us can't improve a little! I don't pick just one word, but maybe that is a good idea. This year I didn't set ANY resolutions until yesterday....I am going to try to feel less guilty for things I have NO CONTROL over and allow Christ to save me rather than me somehow believing I ought to be tough enough to do it all myself. I don't believe I have always been this way, in fact...I used to think I did a lot better in this area. Not sure why it has come to this at this time of my life...but ... it has and so I will embrace it. Church was canceled today on account of freezing rain so I spent the morning in the scriptures looking up atonement and grace. Really, cognitively I KNOW I can't do it all on my own. But for some reason....well, enough of me! After all, this is really ONLY a comment on YOUR blog post.....before I finish MY end of 2014 begin 2015 post. Did you know I have a blog? Maybe I told you before. You can read along if you'd like....I want to begin posting more often again this year. I think 2014 was far too sparse. You can find a little bit of this and a lot of that at familyofdemers.blogspot.com

Love ya....keep on keeping on! I was at Kelsey's game yesterday and I could have SWORN you walked by. I so did a double take...twice! I KNEW it wasn't you, but you know how things like that go!

Happy 2015!

Jake said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Your post inspired me to come up with my own one word resolution and that word is, productive. Thanks. I'll let you know how it goes.

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