wednesday confessions: five // on a thursday

January 22, 2015

: I did not cheat on my history homework. I did not. I finished it at home the night before it was due, emailed it to myself so I could print it off at work before class, printed it off at work before class, left it at work before class, realized I left it at work eight minutes before class started, decided I didn't have enough time to go get it, opened that email I had sent to myself on my phone, furiously copied the most important things I had written onto a piece of paper and handed it in. But the girl sitting one empty seat away from me kept looking at me every five seconds, so I"m pretty sure she thought I was copying someone else's homework they had sent to me. Because why would I be copying my own homework I had sent to myself? But I was!

: That last history class story happened last week. Today in my history class I literally had no writing utensils on my person, so I had to borrow one from the girl sitting next to me in order to take an in-class pop quiz. How did I make it to college. 

: Stefan and I have been trying to eat out less... kind of. We always tell ourselves we should, but then one night after a long day at school we were walking out to our car which happened to be parked in the lot next to Panda Express... and you could smell it. You could smell that Panda Express right through the rainy air. And we needed it. We had to have it! So we did. The good news here is that they gave us tons of food so we ate our leftovers again for dinner the next night!

: I do not like The Bachelor. or The Bachelorette for that matter. I even considered just now not capitalizing the names of those shows to prove my extreme dislike, but mostly disinterest. First of all, reality shows like that are so dumb. Do you really think everyone is acting natural and being themselves when there is a camera in front of their face the whole time? Also, do you really think that's a logical way to find real love? All these contestants are fighting for a person they don't even know! Oh my gosh I can't even really get started or I'll get all worked up and people will stare at me. Hashtag, blogging at school. Hashtag, reasons I don't belong in the business school. Hashtag, blogging from the Tanner Building, home of the business school.

: We still have all of our Christmas decorations up.. Part laziness, yes. But also part, we were given a ton of tree ornaments for Christmas this year and I couldn't just take them home and pack them up right away! Naturally, I had to see how they all looked on the tree. My goal is to have it down before the world's next big holiday, our first wedding anniversary. 

^^^ Here is a picture Stefan insisted he take back when we only had four ornaments on our tree and my hair kind of looked like Medusa's, as it sometimes does, and I had just finished making that thing for my parents for Christmas.

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